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According to Jacob Davidson, at present there are 3,2 billion populations using the Internet in the world. In Viet Nam, having over 64 million people are using it. You can see that the Internet have been developing strongly in over the world. Especially, they are used the most popularly on ages from 15 -34 and account for 30 -40 % amounts of Internet access every day (2017). That shows that the young are the most frequent Internet users. The most important thing is that they are being a student and are studying at schools. The Internet is really needed for them. They need to support much information for studying and resting. Furthermore, the students have better interaction with their friends and families through Google, Facebook, Messenger, Zalo, Instagram, FaceTime (App of Apple). Although, there are many contrary views about this problem that we should limit the Internet access to student, the benefits of internet access are that we should not restrict the use of the internet to them.

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Benefit of the Internet

One thing is that we do not deny that since the establishment and development of the internet has marked the development of information technology. The evidence is that many activities need the Internet to do such as: Computer, Laptop, Email, Google, Facebook, Zalo, YouTube, Twitter, etc. To run all apps you have to have the Internet. It had gone through over 50 years from 1969 – 2018 to set up and develop in order that we can use easily as present. It becomes a tool necessary for finding information and data. Additionally, the Internet helps for students to have suitable knowledges with curriculum and essay. Therefore, they are really useful for studying of the students.

The Internet brings many information sources about social, science, economic, finance, studying and entertainment, etc. Currently, there are many websites about online education, online trading, online payment and working online, etc. (Walter Smith, 2016). Moreover, 2018 is the era of information technology so if you think that it is a good idea to limit their using of the Internet. Additionally, development of social and economic create more conditions permitted accession it. You don’t have any reasons to limit this state of them. They should be accessed to acquire knowledges from on websites. A truth that they find out lessons, examples and practices by themselves they remember longer. They will associate with any things that they have studied to real life( Ranjan, 2012). While they are learning on the Internet they have many skills about computer or selection information. Besides, YouTube which is also a useful tool for studying, improve vivid knowledge through images and videos. Parents should concern and learn about the lessons on YouTube as it is very good for your sons, if you want them to study English, Japanese and Chinese language, etc. Having many lessons of teachers and lecturers on the language centers, here. I believe that you have realized the benefits from Internet for us.

It creates linking with common. From the article about disadvantage of the Internet said that if you use the Internet, you will be social disconnect, unhealthy and unreliable (Ahish Singla, 2013). This can be that right in contrast you should remember that we are approaching with a lot of apps which help contacting with your family and friends donate and outside more easily and rapidly than. For example, some apps is used the most in the world such as: Facebook with over 1, 58 billion users (Lahle Wolfe, 2017), Zalo with 100 million user, etc. I am certainly that you are also using them. You must understand how to way to use the Internet the most effective. You have to choose data sources of prestige websites to collect exactly an information. I sure that this apps contribute to finding and contacting with anyone in all over the world. Now, technology for us see the friends and families on smartphones, computers and laptops. Besides, the students and the officer need to send and receive emails to exchange data. They are also set up a group to act more easily than on Messenger, Zalo, Emails.

At present, buying and selling online are growing on webpages, Zalo, Facebook and some apps for selling others. Ayesha Siddiqa though: “Selling online is a good idea for people who want to make money without disrupting their education” (2017). It is certainly suitable for students so they don’t go to work at any places but they also earn much money on the Internet. It helps them learn more about business skills and how to use the right money. Similarly, selling online brings for them many methods to advertise product and absorb customer besides more understanding about marketing strategy on business. They study and work on the Internet. Indeed of they must go other places, they get much money from selling online. A Blog (2010) showed that buying online have some disadvantages: can’t see and try to product or pay for shipping or product is feed and do not like on image. It depends on yourself, maybe you see it cheap and beauty then you buy it but you don’t know that it is prestige and quality. The student needs to choose quality product and charismatic store to co-operate as they make a belief for the customers.

Impact of the Internet to students

Those who use the most sensible the Internet. If you know how to balance rest time and work time, you ought to abate using time on Internet. When you have much free time you watch video clips or read magazines and books online. Knowledges from online are diversified and plentiful so it applies usefully the information to you. Your teachers is often encouraged that you had better study by yourself. There are many reasons about that. Firstly, you research the document on book. Secondly, let’s access and select reference material on webs to consolidate lessons at school. Thirdly, contacting with real life is very important. Besides, finding documents on webpages also has many tips to relax. You learn and relax bringing in a lot of effects.

Using the Internet can cause diseases. A research in India shows that the using too much the Internet network will cause one of pathological about Internet addiction on ages 15 – 18 (Kanwal Nalwa, 2004). However, this thing is just suitable for persons that they spending much times for online or access on the Internet. If you use it properly, you will certainly have many benefits for you. The truth is that the Internet have many reports (on website) and videos clip (on YouTube) relating to method and treatment way this disease. Kimperly S.young say that “ Online time management, improved social relationships, engagement in offline activities, and ability to abstain from problematic applications were evaluated on the 3rd, 8th, and 12th sessions (2007)” This is a way to decrease symtom of Internet addiction. With a simple operation is mouse click or enter you will see a row of the relating information to your topic. Therefore, this research is satisfactory? (Davidson, 2015) (Kimberly S.Young, 2007) (Smith, 2016) (singla, 2013) (Ranjan, 2012) (overcome the disadvantages of buying and sellig online, 2010). Because, the Internet helps to solve this statement. Besides, the family and friends who is directly impact with them, help them to avoid overuse the Internet.

Abusing the Internet in the day brings out serious consequences. Recently, the policy proclaimed decision about the Internet security drafting (2018). The purpose tightens the Internet security and limits access of user. The reason is that user spend much time to online and just live online (virtual life). They live on Facebook or Zalo every time and every place. From virtual life causes influence to your mind and body. This issue is just suitable for one of individual. According to interview over 100 Facebook users show that this state should not become truthfully as Facebook is quickly a webpage update news. Form of it is variety received rapidly. In case of the government prevents this problem which the users oppose certainly. The Internet has become a friend with the people. When you are sad or free time it is your friend. When two big networks Facebook and Google withdrew from Vietnam, the Vietnamese people oppose strongly even they trouble around people. Actually, it changes everything going on in this country.

In summary, we should not limit internet access to students. Because the internet offers many benefits for them. They can learn any place and any time such as: at school, at home, at coffee shop, etc. I think that limiting the use of the internet will the amount of information and knowledge surrounding them through access. I see the sharing of information on the net contribute to more dynamic and focused knowledge. Especially, the children need to know the world’s knowledge through the images that scientists find. They create a connection with knowledge and practice that draws experience for real life. The internet brings out many advantages for access the document and entertainment. They deserve to be rewarded for their achievements in technology and the arts. Contacting with IT early than others will make a good condition for their growing.

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