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Internet Crimes & How To Avoid Them

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These days our lives are run by technology, smartphones, tables, laptops and many others that we can’t seem to function and live without. Technology in a very short time has escalated the market and dominated it, in a short period of time it has become and essential tool in almost everything weathers its education, medication, planning, organization, and even communication, people nowadays can’t survive or imagine living without it. All technologies are born for a certain purpose, as the start we can say that there’s a mainly two types of these evolving technologies, and they are wired and wireless devices or networks that help us to communicate, or use that technology to the purpose it was made for.

Wired network, which as simply as it sounds, it refers to any medium that physically is consist of a cable. The cable can be twisted wire; which is a copper wire that is used for telephones and any data communication, and they are a pair of wires that are interweaved twisted together. Or a Coaxial Cable; that is also has copper wire, but surrounded by insulation and braided wire, such as television cables. Or Fiber optic cable; that is made from a strand that is thin which is made of plastic or glass, that get data threw as light pulses, such as Broadband. The main purpose of this cable is to transfer different types of electrical signals from one point to another, these connection is used in shared among two or more devices using a wired network concept.

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On the other hand, we have wireless network, which as the name also represent a medium made of electromagnetic waves, or infrared waves. Most of the wireless devices either have an antenna or a sensor. Examples on wireless network is the use of; Radio transmission; which enables pictures, voice and music to travel threw air as a radio wave or frequency, this transmission only works in the 30 feet only. We also have microwave that transmit data in the form of electromagnetic radio waves in short frequencies; such as satellites. So the main different in wireless and wired communication; is that wireless network does not use cables of copper, or wires it uses radio frequency waves to connect one point to another.

The latest products that was born into our lives when it comes to wireless product are; Apple watches, Fit bit sugar, Google glass, Automated Door locks, security monitors, Wi-Fi printers, and Wifi routers, all these are the latest products of wireless technology that we use and surround us on a daily bases and became a key in our daily life. The latest products that was born into our lives when it comes to wired products are; routers, Televisions cable, subscriber loop carrier that link houses and business telephones, the local exchange switch, DSL modem. After reading about wired and wireless technology, its time that we discuss the fundamentals of privacy and security relation to the computer systems, and other networks.

Privacy is the ability to eliminate, and also restricts the use, and the giving of personal and confidential information, being able to protect what goes on and to stop what’s not needed to to shared, from private information. To keep yourself private can be done by using or creating the password system on your computer, or phone allowing yourself to protect your data from being view by someone snooping around looking to obtain information, or even harm you in anyway out there that could leave this data in the wrong hands, it could help if you have a strong password system that control the accessibility to the device that contain the information or even the account weather it’s a computer account or an internet one, the password should be a strong not predictable password with caps lock, numbers, and something that you wont forget, but also not something that is easy to be figures out , and also it helps to not leave your computer, or phone in a public place not attended meaning that many people might scroll into these information that’s on the device, or even steal the whole thing to not only obtain information and pictures on that device but also can get the contact information, credit card numbers, and also people that you know information, so leaving a device not attended is not a cleaver thing to do unless you are looking for trouble, as well as to stop Bluetooth, stopping Bluetooth will help with the stopping of received and transferring data into other devices, many hackers might send you a harmful virus using Bluetooth in the form of a picture, or even a music, or audio ware that will deceive you into opening it and all the data will be transferred into the person who has targeted you, so its advisable that you turn off the the Bluetooth when in not used and not to accept files from individuals you don’t know.

Nowadays when it comes to the internet or what is called the web, most of the interactions are done through the internet weather its on a phone, laptop or a tablet. The internet is a very useful place to interact with people that are far away from you, or even to obtain information to a certain topic that you want to know more about, it also helps you buy stuff without the need to move an inch away from your couch it all happen with in a click.

The internet is an amazing place to be at, but also its dangerous because you never know the intention of the person who is behind the screen, you only see simple texts, and texts are not emptions they are words. And in our present day, jobs are also obtained online, a search for a job, or even receiving mail from work, tasks your boss sends them to you so you will be up to date and also know if something changes, so organization nowadays need social media to help them out, in building a reputation of the company, as well as it helps to promote their corporate website furthermore enables customers and employees to stay in touch with one another. Of course there is drawbacks when it comes to social media such as every mode of communication has its own drawbacks, but in order to overcome them the companies are required to take precautionary steps to hindrances what comes in their ways, moreover they should build or establish policies and procedures to secure the sensitive information regarding the organization.

Some of the features that should be looked and views and taken into consideration when wanting to click to buy that specific object that you desire are, the websites looks, it should be catchy and attractive as possible so the views will stay on it and search more right? Unfortunately, the websites look is important but it should be certified you see when you enter a website, look up on the bar that has the website link on it, example;” www.ayaneeds” it should have a lock shape on it, this mean that this website succeeded on the terms of getting a secure website, and its safe to use. Knowing this you can avoid getting ripped off online, and getting all your sensitive information out to strangers, who might have ill intentions, or even steal your bank information.

Knowing this there is also something called cookies, and no they are not the delicious ones that your grandma makes you when you visit, they are small files and attachments written on the hard disk by the links of websites you choose to access. They track your habits of what you access and they gather personal information without your permeation from you, so you need to disable them, just incase to avoid getting yourself into unwanted position.

Using the web is all fun and games until you get yourself in some situations where you will need the help of a professional to help you out to clean your computer, or even worse you might need to call the police to help you out, some of these terrible things that might happen to you are; identity theft, this occurs when criminals access and get a hold of you personal information in the purpose of impersonating you or someone you know. There’s also something called dumpster diving; which s people that goes to trash to find information they can use to harm others.

Phishing attacks, are the kind websites that are made just to obtain information about the personal who access it, they look so real they deceive you, that’s why you should look for the little lock shape on the link bar above, and search that website more before giving such information, also the use of spear phishing; which targets fake emails and they try to obtain personal information, I’m sure we all had this email of the prince from Nigeria wanting your information because you inherited money from an guy you never know for a country you never been to, he asks for your personal information, and some people thinks its real and send them their bank information, and their full name followed by their address and other personal information.

All these and more crimes can be avoided, by knowing who you are dealing with, keeping your browser up to date, using security software tools that are kept also up to date. Using strong passwords, learning what to do and when to call for help and not dismissing something that might damage your computer or put you in danger. So set up firewalls, and avoid scams by doing business with known companies and don’t give the prince that information about you, and be safe.


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