The Challenges of Security for Smart Home Technology and Home Automation

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In this time we can not think our life without technology. We want to live our life more easer. Using the help of technology we can do it. Home automation is one of them which can give us the comfortability of our daily needs. In generally Smart Home Technology refers to appliances, any suite of devices or system that can be independently and remotely controlled which is connected into a common network. Now a days the demand of Home Automation is increasing more and more. In this case our technology is also developing at its best, so people want more standard and effective technology as their daily needs like Home Automation. In IoT based Home Automation we can control our home stuffs via internet. Talking about IoT, it is the wireless communication system which is one of the most constructive and dominant model. It is readable addressable and locatable via internet. An intelligent Home Automation system consists of collecting data and clusters of sensors. It also consists regarding the residents and utility consumption at home. Reducing the energy consumption IoT is the key function to develop a system. Using an intelligent Home Automation system we can lead our life vary peacefully without thinking about the hesitation of switching off the light, fan, closing the door, changing temperature of air-conditioner etc. We can easily control this system by using our smartphone or other devices. This system make our busy working life more easer, comfortable and less stressful.

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Literature review

In [1,2] discuss about the automatic door locking using Home Automation. But did not discuss about the security condition of door locking. Security is the key function of a home. We have to make our system more standard and efficient with maintaining high security of the home. In [3] focus about thermal condition. But in a nonlinear function of various quantities applicability to the heating ventilation this work does not consider outdoor condition because of the limits of air condition control problem. In [4] the asymmetric algorithms are not suitable for implementing. But in [5] the symmetric algorithm can be implemented in IoT based operation. Asymmetric algorithms can not implemented because of limited computational power of the tiny sensor nodes. In [6] hash function and symmetric algorithms including message digest 4 (MD4), message digest 5 (MD5). In [7] IoT system architecture set to handle a broad array of challenges for enabling security, both at system, network, and application layer. Based on defining security in terms of requirements, such as, confidentiality, integrity, and availability, they conclude that research efforts need to be put into advanced cryptographic protocols, data management solutions, and strategies to manage the tradeoff between security, privacy, and utility of IoT systems. In [8] they said smart home automation is attracting more and more attention from commercial actors, such as, energy suppliers, infrastructure providers, and third party software and hardware vendors. In [9] Knowledge, tools, and infrastructures related to software and data have begun to evolve in order to cover the challenges brought on by the complexity and the heterogeneity of massively inter-connected services and devices. But there is at this point no well-established practice to design such intelligent systems. In home automations, a network topology consisted of sensor nodes for data collection and transmission and servers or gateways for information collection and analysis [10], and the relationship between a sensor and an actuator was clearly defined [11]. On the other hand, in the IoT environment, a sensor and an actuator are not as clearly separated but rather defined as an individual object or thing. Smart home automation systems incorporate common devices that control features of the home, but they do not only turn devices on and off [12]. For instance, smart home automation systems can monitor the configuration of the internal environment and the activities that are being undertaken whilst the house is occupied. In [13] survey the security and privacy landscape in IoT-based smart home environments, and provide a strategy for reasoning about security needs. They use a method based on three components that include the feasibility of conducting an attack, the attractiveness of the system as a compromised platform, and the damage caused by executing an attack.

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