Interpersonal Skills in Workplace and Exercising Self-Awareness

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Exercising Self-Awareness
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Understanding the feelings of others
  • Listen to the others actively
  • Conclusions


Nowadays, interpersonal skills are important qualities for building relationships especially in workplace. Employee need to communicate with client, colleague and management, it is more difficult to make everyone feel good. I would like to advise four interpersonal skills in workplace in this essay.

Exercising Self-Awareness

Self-awareness means that a person understands their own feeling and the reason that they are feeling it. According to an author, psychologist, and Big Think expert Daniel Goleman, it falls within the realm of emotional intelligence. There are four primary components which is Self-awareness, Emotions, Empathy, and Relationship building.

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If people can aware of their own feelings and emotions, it can help them to be more conscious when they send a message to others or receive a message from others. They can also choose whether they should send a message to others through words or non-verbal forms of communication.

In my workplace, I deal with client every day. Most of my client do not understand the claim from different jurisdiction for incorporate a company or maintain a company properly. When we ask for more documents or more questionnaire, they will feel confuse or upset. Some of them will start to blame us that we are holding their case because of some unnecessary issues. Between our client and our compliance department, I always feel frustrated because it is difficult to get the balance and make it to win-win. In this kind of situation, I understand why I am feeling this, and I will try to solve the problem first. I know client is already upset, so I will call my client and explain the reason that our compliance department requesting such documents. When I can find the solution with client, I will revert to our compliance department to negotiate by phone. The confirmation email will be sent after I confirmed both of them are agreed.

Non-verbal communication

We meet people every day, we will not only use text or email to communicate. The non-verbal communication is important when to talk to other people face to face. Nonverbal communication includes Eye contact, Facial expressions, Body language, Gestures, and Physical contact such as shaking hands or touching an arm.

Nonverbal cues can make relationships stronger or can also make it worst, it depends on how we use it. A lot of people do not really know we can control it and make the conversation to be more harmonious. But actually, we can use it in our daily life of even in our workplace.

In my workplace, I mostly contact my client by emails or phone calls. When I am writing an email, I will use lots of different words to inform them bad news but make them feel better such as the company name is a bit common, so the name is not available to be used for incorporation. I will also ask client to let me know if they have another name to check or advise some word for them to add on the name.

Understanding the feelings of others

Empathy, it means to understand the feelings of others. It will help us to create a powerful relationship with other people. Most of the people want the others to care their feelings when you have empathy.

According to the research project of Rasmus Hougaard, founder of Potential Project. Leaders need to improve how they create engagement and build people-centric cultures. A solution to create engagement and build people-centric cultures is to develop empathy. We can see that, the empathy is also important in workplace.

The first step to understand the feelings of others is think about if you were them, how you would like to be treated? What would you want to hear from someone? What would you want someone to do for you?

Sometimes, I need to inform my client to provide more documents even I know it is difficult to obtain from their client. Usually, I will say that I feel upset too and I have the same thoughts with them. I will also show them that I really want to help them, so that they can understand our difficulty.

Listen to the others actively

Being active to listening means you are completely focused on someone speaking. In the same time, you are giving them nodding, eye contact and might asking some clarifying questions. So that you can understand and get the point from the conversation.

Sometimes, listening is better then drop down the notes when people is speaking. It can help you to understand the whole conversation deeply instead of marking some main point or whatever you heard from someone.

Most of my client just want to incorporate a company by all information they can provided at the moment, but our compliance department must make sure everything is compliant especially the due diligence documents. I always try to listen the issues from our colleague because I have to explain to my client. If I do not understand the problem, I can not give them any advices or my client will start to judge you such as “why you know nothing but still informing me such bad news?”. Furthermore, I have to listen to my client too as they have so many difficulties to obtain such necessary documents. After I understand their situation, I can think more to help them and get the balance between client and our compliance department.


To conclude, interpersonal skills can help to improve the interpersonal relationship in our daily life including workplace. We should understand our own feelings and the feelings of the others, using more non-verbal communication and listen to the others attentively. We can build the strong relationship with others by using these interpersonal skills.  

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