Interstellar: a Review of Nolan's Movie

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Interstellar: a Review Of Nolan’s Movie

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The movie I decided to watch was Interstellar by the famous director Christopher Nolan. I personally believe that this is one of the best-directed movies in the 20th century. Interstellar is a great movie to research about ethical dilemmas. There are plenty of ethical dilemmas in this movie. The first one is in the beginning of the movie when the main actor Matthew McConaughey was basically forced to leave his family behind to go explore the future of humanity. The NASA knew that if they leave that they would not be able to come back but NASA was selfish enough to not even tell the astronauts that it was their last time seeing their family. Another ethical dilemma happened when the astronauts were on one of the potential planets. The actress Anne Hathaway was inconsiderate of her colleagues. One of them died because Anne cared more about her job and not her colleagues. The final ethical dilemma occurred when the astronauts went to another planet called “Mann’s Planet”. Dr. Mann is another astronaut that came to that planet a long time ago. Dr. Mann wanted to save the earth but all Matthew wanted to do was go back to earth and be with his family. Dr. Mann gave them the wrong data to distract them and he tried to kill Matthew.

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In one of the beginning scenes of the movie, the main character tracks down a drone with his two children in the car. He tries to explain to them what it is and he teaches them all that he can about space and NASA because the time they are currently living in denies any of it’s existence. Although the school system teaches the children that the space missions were all fake, the main character, Matthew, knows first hand of these technologies because he used to be an engineer for NASA before it was shut down. Finally, the main character’s relationship with technology is rekindled when he is asked by NASA to pilot a ship that will eventually save the human race. The main character’s most important relationships are those he has with his family, which includes his father in law, daughter and son. He is close with them which is why it is hard for him to make the decision to go on the space mission but it is especially hard on his daughter because their relationship is the closest of everyone in the family. When Matthew was about to leave, his relationship with his daughter becomes apparent during the exchange of their heartfelt goodbye.

In conclusion this movie is among the greatest of all time. When it comes to the dilemma of the main character leaving his family to save the planet, I find it hard to do because personally I value close relationships more so I probably would’ve stayed. However I do understand why Matthew left because the fate of mankind was in his hands and he felt that it was something he had to do. The second ethical dilemma of Anne Hathaway risking someone else’s life and wasting time in order to collect data was wrong. I understand that collecting data is important but risking someone’s life and in the process loosing 23 years of life on earth is not worth it. Last but not least, Dr. Mann attempting to kill Matthew in order to steal his ship and start a colony of humans elsewhere, preventing Matthew from ever getting back home to earth was understandable but unnecessary. Killing one person to save many is many people’s motto, but I do not think it is right to trick someone into their own death in order to do it.

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