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There are over 7 billion human beings on Earth living in 195 countries. From 10 different geographical regions, people live in different living standards to survive their day today lives with limited economic resources. In addition to limited economic resources, regions face different living standards due to contemporary global issues as well. As resources are not distributed equally to all regions and as countries must face different contemporary global issues, there are different living standards that can be classified as developed, developing and under developed countries based on the countries growth or development.

According to Cambridge English dictionary, word contemporary is defined as anything that is existing or happening now. Relating the definition to global issues, contemporary global issues refers to existing or concurrent global issues through out the world. Some of these contemporary global issues are terrorism, unemployment, food scarcity, ageing, climate change effects, poverty, water crisis and health and wellbeing etc.

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Highlighting few of those global issues, health and well being along with poverty and unemployment can be taken as crucial topics that each person should highlight as it also effects for food crisis all around the world. Although global issues are different from one to another, sometimes there are interconnections that would have an inter relationship with all the other global issues. In broader view, all these contemporary global issues impact human needs for survival.

The critical nature of above contemporary global issues

Contemporary global issues like, health, wellbeing, poverty, unemployment and food crisis effect human needs as they impact directly or indirectly to basic or essential necessities of life. Although needs are basic in nature, impact of such needs would lead to generate a huge impact on all the human beings.

Human needs can be classified as physical needs which are material in nature and psychological needs which are to do with emotional needs. Although psychological needs are not highly critical for survival, physical needs are important for survival. Physical needs are food which satisfy minimum nutrient or calories, clothing for safety, shelter for space and health care for clean water and sanitation facilities.

Although there are 195 countries all over the world, there are 124 million people in 51 countries suffering from food crisis according to the sources of world food program. Furthermore, according to their analysis, they have found that it is 11% increase from 2017 to 2018. Relating the document to health and wellbeing, more than 1 million child deaths are recorded from malnutrition and other diseases like diarrhea according to sources of bill gates foundation. Having a threat for the survival of bright minds in future, food crisis as a global issue has impacted to take away the lives and living standards of human beings in this world.

In addition to food crisis, poverty has been a strong influencer to change human lives with different living standards. According to world bank sources, poverty line is drawn at people who are earning less than US dollar 1.9$ per day. Relating that number to world hunger organization article, in 2012 there were 501 million individuals accounting to 47 percent of sub Saharan Africa living under the poverty line. With unemployment and lack of resources, people were also exposed to unhealthy life style lacking resources to survive their lives.

Furthermore, more than 800 women roughly die each year from preventable diseases while giving birth due to low sanitation facilities and lower income levels for better facilities. Having lower sanitation facilities along with poverty has also led to create polio patients around the world. Today less than 40 polio patients are found through out the world as per the sources of bill gates foundation. In addition to following global problem, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has also become a major issue accounting for 70 percent patients in sub Saharan. Having major impact on sub Saharan, global issue on health also came to concern when 90 percent of malaria patients out of total number died in sub Saharan Africa.

Leading to millions of deaths and few more millions to struggle life with lack of food, shelter, education, sanitation and wellbeing, bill and Melinda foundation under the proposal of bill gates started new programs to control contemporary global issues.

Bill Gates

Bill gates was born on October 28th, 1955. He and his business partner Paul Allen founded world largest software business, Microsoft in 1975. In 1986, Bill gates made Microsoft public with an initial public of 21$ per share making him an instant millionaire just at 31 years of age. In 1987 he became a billionaire with his success in software business and in year 2000 he stepped down operations to support his charitable work to support contemporary global issues.

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

Although Bill and Melinda Gates foundation was founded in year 2000, primary foot step towards helping contemporary global issues was started in year 1997 with gates library foundation for public schools around united states and oral vaccination program in India. With the foundation to follow the principle of giving other, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has come along 18 years serving or fighting different contemporary global issues under the guidance and help and investments of Bill Gates.

Charitable programs

Under Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, there are many programs started to focus on contemporary global issues related to poverty, food crisis, unemployment and health and wellbeing. Highlighting mainly towards health and wellbeing, following are come of the foundation programs currently operating towards eradiating or limiting contemporary global issues.

  1. Nutrient program to help millions of children dying each year from poor nutrients and nutrient related illnesses.
  2. K 12 education program to help less fortune kids who are seeking for better future.
  3. Financial services for the poor who are within 1.7 people who are excluded from formal financial services like savings, payment, insurance and credit.
  4. Agricultural development program to assist poor families with quality and standard income levels to reduce unemployment.
  5. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention program mainly in sub Saharan Africa to increase the health and wellbeing in the region.
  6. Vaccination deliver to prevent illness and diseases that can be cured and eradicated.
  7. Polio eradication program to reduce preventable disease throughout the world.
  8. Maternal, newborn & child health program to prevent preventable deaths and diseases while giving birth.

Impact of Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on society

Contemporary global issues are concurrent global issues that are existing at present and might continue for future generations. Having a threat for future generations, contemporary global issues can be prevented and eradicated in different angles based on the depth of problems. Focusing on providing solution for contemporary global issues, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation under the pioneer foundation of Bill Gates has made a great impact to change lives of human beings in different angles. Nutrient program was designed by the foundation to face the issue of children dying from lack of nutrients and illnesses related to lack of nutrients. Having a positive impact to future of human beings, foundation is on track to save 1.8 million deaths related for malnutrition by 2020.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) program has led to change lives in many people in sub Saharan Africa with 40 percent decline in patients since 2001 and furthermore education of human immunodeficiency virus led to create bright future on knowledge and importance of education and educating in health and well being with the impact and sorrow of millions of deaths.

Lastly in relation to polio eradication foundation, in year 1988 there were 350,000 people every year were paralyzed from polio and under the Global Polio Eradication Initiative along with bill gates foundation was able to almost able to eradicate polio with only 40 cases reported globally. Having a great impact on society through Bill Gates charity program, he has been able to contribute in large scale to minimize and eradicate contemporary global issues.

Contemporary global issues are global issues currently faced all the countries in the world. Regardless of developing or under develop country, contemporary global issues are faced at least within a region of a country in different angle. Having different approach to deal contemporary global issues, it is important to note that we all should we together while educating our self about those issues to have a better future filled with joy and success.

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