Power of Journalism in Investigating Sheep Attacks in Monroe County: Articles on Radio, Tv and News Website

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The sheep attacks in the Monroe County have increased from past few years. The sheep are attacked by wild coyotes. The town of Pittsford, Geneva and Fairport have observed a large number of attacks. The attacks have caused havoc in the farms and fields. Several sheep are reported injured and in critical conditions due to severe injuries. The local vets are treating the sheep. The Sherriff’s department has launched an investigation into the matter. According to the preliminary findings, the coyotes were blamed for the deadly attacks. The investigators are also based on the marks of injuries and the observations of locals. The locals have reported that they have been seeing the coyotes in the different areas within the Monroe County from past few months.

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An interview with Michael Goldberg, manager Monroe County Public Works have revealed that the coyote attacks have been observed from past few years. However, their number has increased in the past few months. Michael further told that the reasons behind the increase in attacks are the laws of construction. These areas were not densely populated, so the coyotes used to live there. However, the new construction laws have cut off these wooded areas and this the coyotes are forced to move into other areas such as the farms and fields. Accordingly, the officials have planned to install cameras in these areas to find out the reason behind the free movement of coyotes.

Radio Reader

In the past few months, the Monroe County sheep have come down under severe attacks of coyotes. The Coyotes have injured several sheep in the farms and fields. The locals have reservation over their losses. The Monroe County Sherriff Department is investigating the matter. The initial investigations and talks with local officials have revealed that the new laws of construction have cleared the wooded areas. Accordingly, the coyotes have moved from these areas and find their way into the farms and fields.

Television teaser and News Story

A huge loss to Monroe County’s farmers as their sheep are attacked by the coyotes.

The Monroe County farmers have suffered huge losses due to attacks on of coyotes. The Coyotes have injured several sheep. The sheep have suffered from minor injuries to major wounds which may cause death. The Monroe County Sherriff Department is trying to find out the causes of a surge in attacks during past few months. The local officials have reported that the coyotes were resettled to farms and fields after the wooded areas are cleared for construction.

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In the past few years, the construction laws have destroyed the natural habitats in several areas adjacent to these habitats. These construction patterns have forced the wild animals to enter into the farms and lands. The wild animals are in fond of food, and they easily find it in the fields. On such incident has recently happened in Monroe County where the wild coyotes have attacked the sheep many times with a month. The locals have reported several incidents where the sheep were brutally attacked. The injuries were fatal and also caused deaths in several cases. The investigation into the matter has revealed that the attacks are made by the coyotes. However, the reason behind the increase in some attacks is still unknown.

Several areas including Pittsford, Geneva and Fairport have shown signs of an increase in some attacks. The losses of farmers cannot be covered. However, the Sherriff’s Department is active to investigate the reason behind these attacks. Talking to the manager of Monroe County’s Public Works, we have analyzed that the attacks are the results of modified construction laws for Monroe County. These construction laws have allowed contractions into the wooded areas which were home to the coyotes. So, after clearing these areas, the Monroe County have observed an increase in some attacks. The local authorities have to thoroughly investigate the matter and reach a conclusion to avoid further attacks. The natural habitats are home to wild animals. Therefore, if these habitats are destroyed, the animals will surely move into the farms and lands in search of food and shelter.


Another attack on sheep in Monroe County. This time, the culprits are not the wolves, rather the coyotes who find their way into the farms. Many thanks to the Sherriff’s Department for initiating an inquiry into the matter. The facts show that the construction laws are behind these attacks. The construction laws have destroyed the natural habitats and forced the wild animals to move into the farms and lands.

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