Investigating: Are We in Control of Our Own Happiness

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Happiness is a easy word which denotes a complex feeling that performs a essential position in people's lives. Everyone is in search of happiness because without happiness existence is meaningless. However it is not possible to locate something when you do no longer comprehend what you are looking for so it is important to understand what happiness means. Even though happiness can mean extraordinary matters to extraordinary people; it is a fantastic state of mind in the course of which a character feels cosy with himself/herself and his/her life and perceives the things which he/she experiences as gratifying and satisfying.

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People do anything they can to obtain happiness. Happiness is the principal purpose of people's lives. Therefore they construct relationships, go to work, and find hobbies in order to be happy. However if people do no longer comprehend how to acquire happiness they might no longer be happy even though they pursue happiness for their entire life. Happiness is a feeling which is impossible to attain through material wealth. Many people in the past have had misunderstood the means of happiness and this idea that they would be pleased only when they would be rich. As a result they spent all their lives earning money but even when they grew to be pretty rich, completed huge success, grew to become famous, bought their own planes, and their personal islands they were nonetheless unhappy. These people serve as a proof to declare that happiness is no longer a result of fabric wealth.

Happinesses is introduced to people by ways of extraordinary things. It depends on the personal values of a person. The capability that a person achieves happiness in accordance to his/her very own appreciation of what things make him/her happy. For example, happiness is when the person whom you love brings you a cup of hot chocolate in the morning, kisses you on the cheek, and hugs you. It is studying a preferred book, riding a horse or looking at the way how your mother and father smile at each other or you. To acquire happiness the person has to do more of these matters which make him/her happy. For example, if a person enjoys dancing then he/she should dance a lot. If a character enjoys singing then he/she ought to sing whenever there is a possibility. If a character enjoys travelling distinct countries then he/she must journey as much as he/she can.

Happiness is a state of mind over which a individual can achieve control. It is dependent on the way a person perceives the situation he/she is in. One individual can be pleased about it and any other person can be unhappy about it. For example if a individual is fired he/she should ask himself/herself what fine aspects are there for him/her in this situation as a substitute of getting depressed over the truth that he/she lost her job. After examining the situation the individual will figure that being fired can be a good thing due to the fact after dropping the job he/she is open to new opportunities. The capability that he/she would possibly find an even higher job now with which he/she would be even greater comfortable than with the one he/she lost and he/she might get a greater earnings at a future job. This individual would possibly also discover a positive side of dropping a job in having more free time for himself/herself and his/her pursuits throughout the system of seeking a new job. When a character is in harmony with him-/herself and when he/she decides that he/she is happy that person achieves happiness.

In order to be happy a person has to pick out things which manifest to him/her as pleasurable. for example one can be completely satisfied because the sun is shining due to the fact it is raining or due to the fact it is snowing. Happiness is looking back at the years that have passed and being content with them. whenever a person looks back at his/her lifestyles and remembers all the good things which he/she had in his/her life he/she instantly begins to feel happier and more blissful with life.

To conclude happiness is a positive mindset when he/she perceives matters that appear to him/her as effective and pleasurable and when this individual is cozy with himself/herself and his/her life. happiness is a feeling over which a person can achieve control and experience happy every time he/she wants to. happiness is when a man or woman decides to be glad about something he/she can be happy. happiness is not introduced to a person through material wealth. even if a person can find the money for to buy an island or the most expensive things he/she can nonetheless be unhappy while a individual who does not have a lot of cash but who is sitting in her bed and consuming hot chocolate can be the happiest man or woman in the world. to be happy people have to look at their lives from a high-quality facet and attempt to discover high quality things in every situation even if this scenario seems poor at first glance. 

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