Investigation on Helping Behavior in Different Situations


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My classmates and I decided to investigate different situations where we demonstrated a need for help by engaging help-provoking behavior and see whether or not people were willing to help us. I decided to investigate if people in a rush would be less likely to help me knowing that I needed help. I selected four different helping behaviors: the first one, I acted as if I was lost and asked for directions in the FAU campus. The second one demonstrated my need to some groceries to my car. The third one tested whether or not someone would help me pick up some papers that I dropped. And the last one demonstrated a need for help to grab some items that I pretended to be looking for located on a high shelf.

In my investigations, my sister helps me to collect all the data that I need it. Every scenario that I decided it to act was really easy to interpret because is something that happens every day. These scenarios were really effective because it placed where it is normal that people will need help. The four places that I selected were the FAU campus, Publix near my house, the library, and the Walmart near my house. These four locations were mostly busy so I was able to collect data of how many people were when the incidents happen and their gender and age. In each place were a minimum of 10 people and the maximum of 20 people so there were good locations to conduct each experiment. In each event were more people who noticed that I need it help but decided not to help me or just ignore me. In three of the locations were more people who noticed the event but not all of them help me. One of the locations was in Publix 15 people noticed that I need it to help to carry many groceries but only 5 people help me. Also in FAU campus when I was asking for directions to go to my classes 10 people noticed that I need it help but only 6 people actually help me. Lastly, when I was in the library 18 people noticed that I drop some papers but only 15 people help me in picking up my papers.

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I believe that not everyone helps me in this to events because they noticed that someone else was helping me already so they thought that I did not need help anymore. I notice in these two locations that people offer less help when a lot of people are present at the event. But in general in the four events when I need it to help the people who were helping me they help me until I did not need more help.

When people were helping me, my sister was collecting data of how man and women were helping me. I noticed that in terms of what gender help me more I will say that I was almost the same but the only event woman could not help me was in Walmart when I was asking for help to get things in the top shelf. I believe that women did not help me not because they did not want to but I was mostly because of the same issue I had that it was my height. Most of the woman in that moment that I was doing my experiment they had similar height as me so it was difficult for them to help me. Mostly people from aged 20-30 were the ones who often helped me in each event. The most particular gender that helped me in each event was the man but I was not a big difference. I noticed that when I was asking for helping the people who I asked directly help me right away without hesitation. But overall it was the same amount of help if was asking for help or not.

I was really surprised by these findings because my main thought was the people live a rush life that sometimes they do not notice that other people might need their help. But to my surprise in each event people stopped to help me the right way. I noticed that it does not matter the culture, gender, race, or age people help me without thinking whether I was Hispanic or not, or I was a female they just did it because someone needs its help. I believe my result would be the same even if I was doing a different help-inducing action and also in a different location. I feel people will help right away if someone is in need because is something that is thought of since a young age. But I know will be some people who would help for many factors and reasons.

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