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Investigations and Search Methods: What Are the Most Popular Methods of Searching

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In these times, there are many techniques used to help secret investigations. Some techniques that are used for secret investigations are undercover agents, collection of data, tapping into your cellular service. When it comes to the investigation of identity frauds in a manner that does not arouse the suspicion of Baptiste and Cummings, there are a few aspects and factors that should be considered to enhance the continuous effectiveness of the process. Undercover agents are great personnel to have in an active fraud investigation. This can allow informants to gain evidence that can be use in the case. The undercover agents can help in cases where there are 3 or more parties included so the process is not misinterpreted and incocent people are not convicted for fraud.

In this case I believe that Philip Cummings and Linus Baptiste should not even know about the investigation until all the evidence is in place. With detailed evidence needed you can approach them with facts so no one is misloaded in the wrong way. In addition, the selling of stolen credit cards to the Nigerian nationalists is an important aspect of the case. Linus and Cumming having stolen credit cards for three years that accumulated to the loss of $ 2.7 dollars is a show of client exploitation. If I had the opportunity to work this case I will ensure that all my evidence is gathered before calling the interview. I will investigate on what credit cards were used, how they were stolen, the individuals who were affected by this. However, the components of the fraud and what was done by the auditors after the fraud was discovered by the Equifax when a spike in the credit request in Ford’s account was discovered. I would put a tap on his phone so that I can monitor conversations just in case anyone else is involved. Also I would devise secret telephone monitoring to track all the communications within and from outside the companies such as Teledata, Equifax and Ford including individuals involved in the identity fraud that includes Cummings and Linus. Proper surveillance cameras in the office with no blind spots, where they have audio and visual to hear what is being said in the office.

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With proper surveillance it will help the undercover agents in creating more solid evidence in the case. The secret surveillance of Cummings and Linus will apply here; their everyday operations, where they go to and whom they communicate with. Physical evidence is the key to everything in this entire case. To determine who the fraudster is in this case, we have to base it on electronic evidence since everything was done electronically. The evidence that should be collected is the history of asses, emails, and the database of the customer records in Cummings computer.


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