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Investing On Crypto Thanks To Cryptassist

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This is a two-part series

If you’ve ever invested in stocks then you know these are the only three principles that matter: Study everything hard and conclusively, Make the most out of your money and protect all the money you earn. Now obviously investing in stocks is much more complicated than this, and sure the same principles might apply to cryptocurrency but trading in cryptocurrencies and ICOs is a whole different ball game. Without the right information and tools, you can easily lose all your investments and even worse, get robbed by scam companies offering illegit imitate coins. Luckily i found a great blockchain company that can not only help you trade like a pro and make money, it also is an all in one platform, offering trading resources, an actual trading platform, a blockchain credit card and much more.

It’s called Cryptassist, you might have read about it before but just in case you haven’t here is the backstory. Created by individuals that saw a problem in the market, the problem being crypto is just too difficult to comprehend for the everyday individual so Cryptassist was built as a solution, offer relevant tools to simplify cryptocurrency for everyone.

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Trading in crypto has many benefits (list benefits). In this blog however I’ll run you through all the relevant cryptassist investment tools you’d need to start killing it trading. These tools are great for beginners to trading and actual experts and with the added benefit of having its own fully-fledged spot exchange running consistently traders can take advantage of all the happenings and latest developments in the market immediately. What’s better is that since the platform runs on a decentralized environment, traders can engage in cryptocurrency trading from literally anywhere in the world 24/7, if they have a user account and an internet connection they’re good.

Thinking of finding the right altcoin to trade in? Think … Cryptassist Trade.

As part of the ecosystem, cryptassist trade is a dedicated software application dedicated to providing the application users with useful information and advanced analytics to make better trading decisions. Some of the information offered by the application will be personalized alerts regarding the trade – for example what to expect and what to look forward to, to help users find the right altcoins to invest in, the cryptassist application will provide a coin activity tool that’s capable of letting users track how the top coins are faring and which one would be right to invest in and which ones to ignore. Also, sometimes margin accorded to cryptocurrency prices can be very tiny which is great for many traders looking to make a significant return on investments in this case, profits from a limited starting capital.

Looking for help trading? Why not use – Cryptassist’s ChatPay

Let’s say you’ve found your role model, someone with such extensive and impressive portfolio of successful trades. You’d want to meet him to get some tips and he might even be willing to give you some tips, so you email him, and wait and wait, till forever comes, it’s not his fault – if he is indeed that good then he probably receives hundreds of emails like yours every day. What you’d need is an instant messaging service, something fast and reliable to get your point across and luckily cryptassist offers something similar. It’s called ChatPay, a DApp that basically means to do what it says with its name. Combine a social messaging app with an online payments and transactions system.

For extra security every message is encrypted using a P2P protocol one that’s based on distributed servers. After all who wants someone snooping their message box for information regarding your next trading moves.

but maybe a one on one platform isn’t enough maybe you need crowdsourced information. If this is the case, then check out the community forum. This type of system has a lot of benefits can you imagine if the system used AI features to detect any situation where money was being discussed? For example, typing pay me $16 and a pop up reveals itself on the other users’ interface with the CTA reading pay $16, clicking it sends the other user $16 directly from your wallet. Nice.

Need any extra information? Try … Cryptassists Community forum

Once the product catches on and the number of people engaging with the platform sells, the company forum will be a buzz of activities with people discussing different ways to make the company better and basically building social connection. These exchanges mean there won’t be any need to contact company support who might take a long time to get back, all you’d need to get any trading assistance is the asking right question and directing it to the right people on the forum. This aspect alone would provide any trader with an invaluable resource to not only get tips before making a trade but also accessing any insider information other traders outside the community might not have gotten wind of yet.

Think you’re ready to trade? Go for simplicity, Use – Cryptassist’s One Trading Tool (OTT)

For the OTT, cryptassist has developed a unique algorithm and API technology capable of allowing both beginners and experts alike to not only access multiple exchanges on a unified platform, but also conduct trades. Gone are the days when traders used to keep many accounts on different exchanges just to keep up with each trade, OTT bundles up everything you’d need onto one single and easy to use interface.

Other important features offered by the OTT include the option of panic selling – whereby a trader can (definition) and trail stopping (definition)

Lucky enough to have won some trades? Cash out securely using – Cryptassist’s Debit Card

A crypto debit card is usually much more versatile than any standard debit card because it allows you to go for either fiat currency or cryptocurrency. So, you can use it for normal transactions but also use it to hold multiple coins. Cryptassists debit card is one of the very few debit cards available that accepts up to 50 cryptocurrencies. It’s like any Visa and Mastercard you’d find around, perfect for making online or in-store purchases, or in ATM machines the key difference is that it was created to work seamlessly with the Cryptassists platform meaning you can conduct full trade and shopping transactions in cryptocurrencies or fiat money all within one ecosystems.

Combined with the chatpay service, the debit card becomes indispensable because there won’t be any need to contract any intermediaries meaning lesser costs for you. Additionally, thanks to smart contracts, developers will be invited to build on top of the platform that will in turn enrich the user experience for you. Know how some debit cards offer cashback guarantees to its users if they make certain purchases? Well the cryptassist debit card sort of works in the same manner meaning it rewards users that use the card with instant bonuses that can accumulate into something valuable and because the company doesn’t have a monthly cap on how much you can earn, using the card more means more and more rewards.

Lastly The cryptassist debit card is made for speed, users can easily trade between different currencies with just a few clicks on their mobile. The proprietary cryptassist exchange uses a unique algorithm that’s always tweaking, filtering and churning out accurate metrics than predict with increased certainty which coins are expected to go up in price and vice versa, this is great for customers because it prevents downside risks associated with the pump and dumps and ensure every trade has a positive return. The cryptassist arbitrage opportunities alert feature gives the users more options on when to drop their coins for the most profit all on the go. The best part is because the crypto market is as predictable as they come, speculations can cause some coins to skyrocket in price and although they eventually plummet, cryptassist alerts the earliest traders to jump on these opportunities to make the most profit.

It’s a win and win situation really.

Company token sale details

The company’s ICO started on 28th June of 2018 and is ending on the 11th August of 2018, and although the company says they might keep the ICO going until the hard cap of $236M is reached. Cryptassist’s ticker the CTA will be priced at $0.05 for one, which is a great price considering 6.75 billion tokens will be issued during the ICO and Pre-sales.

Here’s how the coins will be allocated: 25 million CTAs will be set aside for the bounty program, 1.5 billion CTAs for the team and 1.725 billion for the exchange listings, Airdrops program and promotions.


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