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Investment In The Stock Market

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The above study is undertaken to compare the selected technical analysis tools available for forecasting. The study tries to capture the contradicting views of different tools used in technical analysis. This study is aims to exploration of the topic “TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. Investment in the stock market and the process Portfolio management encompassing many activities aimed at optimizing the investment of one’s funds. Five Phases can be identified in this process:

  1. Security analysis
  2. Portfolio analysis
  3. Portfolio selection
  4. Portfolio revision
  5. Portfolio evaluation.

Each phase is an integral part of the whole process and the success of portfolio management depends upon the efficiency in carrying out each of these phases. The very first step consists of examining the risk –return characteristics of individual securities. Security analysis is such a crucial activity because every investor has to decide on the type, number and time timing of buying and selling of the shares.Today, the thousands of securities available for an investor, he has to decide on:

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  • Which stock to invest?
  • What type of security to buy?
  • When to sell the securities?
  • Where to Invest?
  • How to Invest?
  • Whether hold, sell or buy securities?All these questions need to be answered before the investment can take place and also determining prospective benefits from the investment in a security. The risk associated with that investment.


Research configuration is an arrangement of activity to be completed regarding an examination venture. The examination configuration use in this investigation is informative and expressive research. It includes the gathering of information from both the essential and optional sources. The information so gathered was subjected to investigation by utilizing the vital devices that are pertinent and optimistic.


For the examination, 3 organizations were chosen from Nifty50. There are following strides in strategy:

  • Use of specialized instruments i.e. Basic moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Relative Strength Index and Moving Average Convergence and Divergence.
  • Identification of examples and patterns in the stock value developments.
  • Preparation of stock outline, Line diagram, Bar graph and candle outline demonstrating the cost and volume of the stocks over the timeframe and Interpret outlines.

Wellspring of Data Essential information were gathered through direct collaborations with the customers of Religare. Other information utilized in this examination are openly accessible information gathered from optional source. The significant wellspring of the information is the site of NSE India. Course readings and Business diaries and periodicals and daily papers are additionally to gather a few information and data.


  • The examination is centered around five organizations.
  • The think about is just for scholarly reason.
  • Study confined to a littler example estimate in view of absence of time and assets.
  • The proposals made may not be an ideal forecast without bounds as specialized examination isn’t a completely exact practice.


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