Iot Driven Health Management Structure for Remote Observing of Patients

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Health management structure improvement in terms of efficiency is today’s society demand. By using Internet of Things (IoT) health management system can be redesign in such a way that objects are controlled and sensed remotely. Physiological Facts or information of patient’s can be recorded and managed by utilizing wearable detectors. This health care based system is supposed to lessen costs, improve one’s life quality, and enhance the experience of end user’s. As stated by World Health Organization (WHO) standard, more than 50% almost 60% of third world countries population is influenced by cardiovascular and chronic illness. Basically this management structure reduces the problem of patient as she/he has to visit the doctor every time when temperature,ECG and pulse oxygen in blood is needed to check. Hospitals and doctors could utilize the actual time facts or information that can gather to give efficient and fast solution on cloud’s platform. Keyword—cloud, IoT, health management, wearable detectors.

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Basically, the (IoT) Internet of Things is a latest technology that connects physical devices by using internet. It has different approaches in health management, smart cities, industrial control and logistics. Remote observing the physiological specifications is one of the most demanding request of IoT in health management area. Elders or old people feeling satisfied that they don’t have to go to the hospital to examine their health as they can do it easily at home by using wearable appliances. It also provides greater flexibility, and they are less affected by hospital infections [1]. As stated by WHO, cardiovascular and chronic illness causes many deaths. IoT also provides an instantaneous access to hospitals and doctors by processing and measuring the essential symptoms of the patient’s. Thus it helps in decreasing the death rate that caused because of strokes and heart failures. Biomedical detectors can calculate the blood pressure, heart beat, ECG and pulse. In order to process patient’s crucial parameters,authors utilize the Intel Edison as an IoT apparatus in this research. This Intel Edison platform development is very helpful to design the wearable calculating products and IoT. It consists of 6 analog inputs, 20 digital inputs,1 I2C and 1 UART. It also have built in Bluetooth and Wi Fi. This platform also give access to device for cloud transmission. Cloud is a base device to process, store and collect data. [5]. ECG sensor is used to calculate electrical activity of heart in terms of waveform [2]. Pulse detector is ocular heart rate detector that cancels the noise and amplifies the signal. This Intel planning gives advantage such as lower cost, decrement in hospital stays, and improvement in self- managing states of health. It is easy to access to take caution anytime and anywhere when needed, timely and affordable. The existence in health care is much expensive. Latest emerging networks are much effective for managing chronic illness of aged people.


In 2025, health management applications based on IoT may have a large influence on global economy. There are many distinct applications of IoT in health management sector like Glucose level detecting that detects the sugar level of blood by utilizing non-invasive method. Temperature detectors of body that manage the temperature transmission and recordings.

Oxygen level that observes and calculate oxygen percentage in blood by utilizing noninvasive technique. Monitoring from home is a technique that is very helpful in health systems as it make more closely communication of patient’s with physicians. It is roughly calculated that many elder’s may get advantage from a telemedicine solutions as they are experiencing chronic diseases. The current remote observing solutions are very complex and expensive. Thus,latest advanced solutions decreases the cost in contrast to standard distributed models. It is estimated that about 17. 3 million people death caused by cardiovascular illness every year and it will rise by 2030[12]. Fig 1: Health Management Statistics [12]In the operating theater, there are numerous monitoring tools that displays physiological information of the patient. But there are some cases in which doctors are not present when they are needed in emergency, and also it is not necessary that patient’s information successfully shared with the family members and other specialized doctors remotely. The available solutions are much expensive, needs many wires and relatively in very large size. Various protocols of communication that are using between cloud and gateway include CoAP, HTTP, XMPP and MQTT where HTTP is not preferred for IoT because it relies on the polling in order to sense the instant changes, and it fails to offer a certain latency. Comparison relation among protocols are shown below.


The following figure shows the proposed IoT driven health management structure that collects information or facts that is related to pulse, ECG and body temperature of patient’s. Bio-Medical Detectors: Proposed system utilizes the following bio-medical detectors. The crucial parameters consist of pulse, ECG and temperature. Patients can easily wear the wearable detectors without disturbing their everyday routine. In IoT tools, patients information from these detectors are transmitted wirelessly.

  • Temperature Detectors: These detectors calculate the temperature of body. Body temperature acknowledges the characteristic variation the human body produced because of many illness.
  • Pulse Detectors: These detectors are used when oxygenation of patient is unstable. This condition comprises emergency, exhaustive care and complete operation rehabilitation. Basically these detectors decided how much oxygen supplement is needed.
  • ECG Detectors: The ECG detectors observe and calculates the electrical and muscular actions of heart. By evaluating we can get the actual waveform, through which we can determine the rhythm, conduction irregularities, unbalanced electrolyte and disturbances

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