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Iot In Environmental Controlby

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I would like to express my research on the topic of IoT in Environmental Control for the subject of INWK6111 – Intro to Computer Networks and I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to my faculty members, who guide and support from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the problem and also giving me the great chance to express my thoughts about this topic. Not only that but also they were always available to help students in solving issues regarding research topics and clearing the doubts.

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Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and overview of the main control of IoT in Environment and its overall prospective usage in current and future time. Research of this report includes an introduction/Background of IoT and the devices which use IoT technology to communicate with the human interface and other technologies, literature review with the overall representation of issue and usage in a real world and the conclusion in the end to provide a review of current and future technology. The main objective of this research report topic is to represent overall aspects of IoT and its importance in Environment Control and its contribution towards to Ecosystem.


Basics of IoT

In this era of digitalization and expansion of technology, many inventions took place of old methods and technology for user reliability and technology advancement. One of them is the internet which changed the scenario of communication and the concept of computation. with the help of the Internet, many impossible things are now possible because of greater connectivity. IoT is one part of the Internet as its name says its own meaning Internet of Things. IoT is a collection of computational devices with unique identification with the ability of interaction without any kind of advance connections. IoT is future generation technology which provides many facilities for user controls, computation devices, mechanical and digital machines and its six layered architecture was proposed based on network layered structure.

IoT in environment

As IoT plays a major role in communication and computational devices and offers technology advancements it also helps to solve environmental issues not only that but its possible to predict environmental conditions like weather forecasting, Temperature measurements, Room temperature controls with Advance connections, Atmospheric Environment monitoring and more. An IoT contains web-enabled smart devices with sensors, embedded processors and hardware to process various operations. So it is possible to attach IoT with environment resources to keep an eye on the environment and to perform tasks related to the environment.


Chapter 2 describes the literature review of the related work. It contains the concepts and working of the atmospheric environment monitoring system, Water Environment Monitoring, IoT in the Smart home system to maintain the home temperature. The last chapter of this document contains the conclusion and basic review of above topics from selected research papers.

Literature review

This chapter includes details about IoT devices in Regular use and how they useful to solve common day to day issues and also includes some well-known IoT Applications which are currently available for Controlling and Monitoring Environment issues and the applications are Monitoring System, microsensors and smart homes.

IoT-Based Atmospheric Monitoring System

As per increase in pollution issue, it became necessary to control the polluted gases and bio-waste to mix with the environment to stop the air pollution, for that its required to monitor the particles of the environment, and as per study its possible to measure the atmospheric environment information without restriction on the place or location and sent it to the server to collect all the information which capable of measuring different types of air environment information including fine dusts, the user application as shown in below figure.

Atmosphere Measurement System

This analyzer implemented in graphical interface of the C# Winform with the help of Apache HTTP Server and provide all observation results of atmosphere in user devices.

IoT for Water Environment Monitoring

Another environment pollution issue is Water pollution because of Industrialization and globalization, To maintain the sustainability of human society it’s necessary to manage and protect water resources properly. At present time all tastings are done by high-tech labs with the help of huge manpower, but sometimes it’s very hard to predict chances of damage because of time it takes and complex to provide changes occur in water. So low-cost research is proposed to solve this issue on the primary basis.

Economic easy-to-build IoT system based on Novel Microsensors with mobile communication network with the combination of In-situ microsensors, sensing end device (ED) nodes and sensing access point nodes components which measure the real-time water quality by attaching water sensors in the field and communicate the real-time data between end-user to the main database server. System component ED nodes collect measured water quality data and transmit all the data via AP nodes to end-user and database, This IoT device is useful for measuring polluted components and quality of purity in water with very low cost in less time, the reference architecture of the device is shown below figure.

IoT for Smart Home System

In this time of technology advancement now it’s possible to create smart devices to make life easier and the perfect example of the smart device technology is smart homes which provide excellent features such as lighting home, appliances, computers, security camera and more. not only that but it’s also helpful for maintaining the temperature of the room and change it accordingly as per user requirements. many IoT devices are available not only control for atmosphere environment but also home house, office, and big units. As per the proposed study of, IoT provides different applications including control and Intelligence for smart homes. With the help of those two features its possible to manage environment of home by controlling temperature of room. User can control devices such as air conditions, heaters, fans and other devices to mange house environment from same or remote places. Intelligence or Home Intelligence (HI) is the most significant and advance function of smart homes which has automatic decision-making decision feature which can control home environment by comparing it with outside environment or condition like it increase a temperature in winter to make the room warm or hot and decrease the temperature in summer to make the room colder and apply other change accordingly as per user requirements. Flip architecture developed by Frugal Labs Bangalore, India to provide “Proof of Concept” of IoT device applications in different applications.


This Chapter includes basic conclusion and review of proposed study of papers and also includes the concept behind applying and not applying them in appropriate areas. According to for IoT-Based Atmospheric Monitoring System, a small size prototype device was built for the testing purpose to check the device with the small-scale measurement units and a device was connected with L TE network and environment analyzer. The device installed in two different places to observe and compare the results and the system observed similar environment elements, but it was hard comparing the results directly because of different locations even with the same device. For IoT for Water Environment Monitoring, a high-density system was developed with sensors to analyze real-time data of Water Environment. Different microsensors such as Novel ISFET were utilized to get the proper parameters of water and its quality. The hardware and software of the device were designed and tested with the help of mobile communication networks in the lab.

The result of the system shows great benefits such as less power consumption with low cost easy to implement device with promising application prospects for building the IoT for Water Environment Monitoring. The proposed study provided a better solution to analyze water environment without any kind of major drawback in a working system and include a solution to implement the system in large-scale measurement units, compared to current complex systems this system is more reliable with consistent results of water measurement and with the help of its results its possible to eliminate and remove proper level of pollution and hazardous contents from water. As per rapid development and advancement in technology new innovations in smart devices are taking place to make systems more reliable and flexible for user needs. In current time homes have strong computation and communication technologies to improve the ability of different features of smart devices and the main aim of this device is to improve standards of living, security and protection with low-cost to save energy and resources which plays a very important role in the development of society. Purpose of [4] research is to propose a system based on FLIP with low-cost and easy to implement. The system proposed by is highly flexible, reliable and extensible in smart homes for user needs with security concerns and it’s possible to implement the system as per user requirements, but for controlling the environment the research is useful for basic level use because it’s not tested with high level and large-scale places and it still requires proper results for more implementation but its reliable for basic purpose according to the results of proposed study.

There are many systems and concepts are proposed by different authors and researchers to use IoT in smart homes to improve the quality of living. IoT is a great and powerful resource to manage and control the environment of both atmosphere and house, it plays important role in a communication system to transfer results between end user, connectivity nodes and main servers. with the advancement of technology now it’s possible to apply changes in current IoT systems to make it easier and generate appropriate results. Research provided different aspects of IoT based devices in various applications with benefits and drawbacks by using them in real-time systems.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?