Irobot Corporation (nasdaq: Irbt) Seems to Be the Right Stock for a Long-term Investment


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iRobot Corporation’s (NASDAQ:IRBT) is has been considered by many analysts as one of the best tech stocks this year, with revenue and net income continually to charge higher for the robotic vacuum maker. Moving on, there are lots of great things to come from IRBT, taking a long haul look as IRBT could be a stock that creates a lot of income over time. IRBT recently announced a solid Q2 2018 results, detailing wide-base geographic proceeding growth and unique call for its prevalent cleaning robot lines. Particularly, looking at how IRBT comparatively outperformance so far this year, the company has also increased its 2018 outlook.

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When we take a closer look at IRBT recent accomplished, IRBT shares has increased about 19% over previous months. IRBT earnings was more than twice the $0.18 per share expected by consensus estimates, surpassing Wall Street demands. Also, revenue beat expectations by $6.6 million. Adjusted EBITDA raised 86.8% to $30.9 million. IRBT robotic vacuums might not seem to be a thriving business, but the company is at present making about $1 billion in revenue per year from it, and this is even a rub of the surface of its potential. IRBT management indicated that, RVC’s installed base of 13 million households is just around 10% of its possible market in the United State.

For 4 years in a roll, Roomba has been a featured product during Amazon Prime Day in the United State, Roomba sold out when it was able to make its Prime Day sales volume increase over 2017. Roomba additionally delighted in solid demand in the Prime Day sales in both the EMEA and Japan regions for its first time in 2018. Moreover, Braava robot revenue went up 50% annually, pushed by global demands. IRBT ended its past reported $50 million stock repurchase program, purchasing back 800,000 shares at an average price of $62.57 per share. IRBT also enlarged the size of its credit facility to $150 million and increased its term to 2023, providing the company “extra adaptability” to invest in bringing growth. iRobot Corporation’s (NASDAQ:IRBT) stays on track for many new product launches in the second half of 2018. They didn’t give details on the products, but noted that the initial launch will come soon and with the company’s “next giving of top of the line innovation at lower prices.” The following new product launch will happen later in the third quarter, affirm by management during the successive conference call.

Furthermore, during the call, management explained that it still expecting an entire-year growth in the low 20% range for the U.S., and in addition an average percent growth in Japan. However, it also now anticipates better growth from the EMEA region. At last, nothing can be disliked about this remarkable setup from iRobot Corporation’s (NASDAQ:IRBT), and should not shock anyone to see the stock soaring higher accordingly. One think I like about IRBT is, it is a motivated company with a cost-effective business. Also, looking at the growth IRBT has established and the potential for growth moving on, I believe it’s an incredible buy for investors, specifically, for the long-term as it’s the sort of stock that can make investors wealthy.

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