Irrigation and Its Impact on the Water Cycle

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Living in a world where technology plays a big role in society, irrigation has also been a part of the society. Irrigation has helped the agriculture to grow their crops, and also has made a big impact on the water cycle. Water cycle helps our world to be more effective. There are three elements that have caused damage to the water cycle such as hydroelectricity, irrigation and deforestation. Hydroelectricity has positive and negative outcomes. It helps to produce water for the farmers and agriculture. But it has a negative outcome because rivers can end up having too much or too little water. This also affects the water animals because these animals have to immigrate to other places but are retained because of not enough or too much water. Also dams that are mismanaged can end up drying and leaving certain areas without water, that cause people to look for other ways to irrigate the farmers and agriculture. This also affects the water cycle because if there is not enough water, there won't be an evaporation which leads to no rain. Irrigation also is the cause of mismanaged water. If there is not enough rain then the plants and crops will eventually dry up and die. Irrigation is a system that helps farmers and agricultural owners to have enough water for their crops. On the other side irrigation has a negative outcome. Irrigation causes farmers to use more water which often causes leaching. Also this causes farmers to use more fertilizer and chemicals that damage human health.Deforestation is when humans cut trees to make a solid ground to plant crops that can help feed humanity. This also is linked to irrigation because of the watering of plants and crops.

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This has caused a big impact in the water cycle because if there are less trees there is less water evaporation which leads to less rain. The negative outcomes of deforestation is that if it rains the water won’t soak up, and this will lead to more droughts and floods, and will cause plants and animals and humans to lose their homes. Many times we think that we are doing the right thing of cutting trees but instead we are damaging the water cycle.All these are some elements that have different outcomes for the water cycle. Some are to help grow the crop and to feed humanity and others are to harm our environment. Which leads to destruction and health problems because of the chemicals that farmers use for their crops. If we keep misusing the water in a way that is not healthy for our world, this will lead to a big destruction towards our water cycle.

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