How Does Adversity Build Character

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How Does Adversity Build Character

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In numerous components of our lives we must overcome many difficult challenges such as financial and political hardship, danger, and misfortune. The statement suggested by the Roman poet Horace that adversity helps us build a better character that would not have been built otherwise, holds true and can be supported with evidence from historical figures and events including the Great Depression, Lincoln, Winfrey, Tubman, Douglass.

One that has to undertake a financial hardship often struggles and most of the time tends to surpass the situation. The generation involved in the Great Depression, for example, had to endure severe economic hardship. The stock market collapsed and many people in the various industries lost their profits and businesses. The generation didn’t just give up. Instead, the president helped create the New Deal, a series of economic programs to help speed up recovery, and the people of the generation lifted their spirits and patriotism in order to get back on track. Eventually, the plan worked and America was back up and running like normal.

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Misfortune, another form of adversity, helps strengthen an individual’s emotional stability. In 2010, my sibling snapped and broke his left arm. President Abraham Lincoln was unfortunate to be born with many disabilities like loose joints and a very thin body. Lincoln did not allow these weaknesses to stop him from accomplishing the goals we praise him for today. He overcame his misfortune and became a great president. Another example is the famous Oprah Winfrey. When she was a child she had been born to unmarried parents that separated shortly after her birth. She did not become a desperate child. Instead she relied on faith from god and now she has a respectful and wise character and is a multi-millionaire. Her character was completely transformed because of the misfortune she encountered.

Danger is another form of adversity that helps builds a person’s overall character. For example, Harriet Tubman, an African American slave had to dangerously escape from slavery. After she escaped, Tubman also helped many others reach their path to freedom. This was dangerous because if caught, she could suffer violent beatings for helping others escape to the North. Although she risked her life, she helped change the spirit of many slaves. They became more determined to escape. Her character transformed from desperate and hopeless to successful and inspiring. Without this form of adversity, Tubman would have remained a hopeless slave herself for the rest of her life. Another person that has experienced danger is Frederick Douglass, who was born into slavery. He was separated from his family and put into a dangerous situation in which a master controlled him. Through various acts of suffering and many harsh whippings, Douglass gained a determination to escape from his master and gain freedom in the North. After various attempts, Douglass finally escaped to the North and along with him he took a more brave and determined figure; one that was way more hopeful than before.

Horace’s statement is dominantly true and can be supported with loads of evidence such as the fate of gamblers, Lincoln, Winfrey, Tubman, and Douglass. Adversity does indeed help locate character in a person that one wouldn’t normally acquire.

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