The Consequences of Impulsive Dropping Out of School

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Certain situations cause people to do things that they don’t want to do. That can have a huge effect on your life. Everybody isn’t the same. What might be for one person, may not be for the next person. Dropping out of school isn’t the best choice somebody has to make, but people go through things and maybe it isn’t the right time for them to be in that environment.

Stress, whether it’s mental or financial, is one of many causes for dropping out. I feel one of the main reasons for someone to drop out of school is stress. Not everyone can deal with having a lot of things going on at once. That can cause someone to break down mentally and physically if they feel it’s too much stress on them. When people feel stress and then they feel it’s a lot going on, people tend to get frustrated. Another main reason that people tend to drop out of school is the fact that they can’t afford it. It’s so many things behind people not being able to afford to go to school, such as they have kids, they have bills to pay and they might be a single parent.

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Family problems can take a major toll on a person as well. When people have things going on in their family such as death or a family member getting real sick, they feel like they need to be there. Especially when it’s their mother or father. There is a sense of obligation that they need to be there for them. Even if the person were to choose to stay in school, they wouldn’t be putting forth their best effort. On the other hand there is one reason that people drop out to and it’s that they don’t care. Some people just don’t like school. They don’t like everything that comes with it. For example, the homework, exams, expectations from the teachers and even bullying can be a factor. People just don’t want to get a degree or go through the things it takes to get there.

Not having a paying job, regret later on and having to work a minimum wage job are major effects. A main effect is that they won’t have a good paying job with benefits that make sure their self and their family are okay. Regretting this decision later on down the line can also be an effect. When people want to later on apply back to school and they see that they dropped out, the administration office is going to question why did they drop out. One last effect dropping out can have on a person is that they have to work a minimum wage job that they have to work for the rest of their life. Nobody wants to work at 9 to 5 all their life.

When making the decision to drop out of school, it might not be the best choice but things happen and people may feel overwhelmed. This can affect their life tremendously. Everybody going through things and have to make risky decisions. It may not be the best but it’s probably what they feel they need to do at the moment.

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