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Genetic Engineering: The Step in the Right Direction for Our Future

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In the 1980’s no one could imagine a world where computer devices were ubiquitous, they thought it was absurd but that science fiction became our reality and we don’t even think about it. Today we are having similar issues but in this case it is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the right step for our future seeing that we can potentially eliminate many lethal diseases using CRISPR and also for the genetic evolution of humans.

Although CRISPR is a new tool being used by scientists, it is becoming used extensively in Hangzhou china to treating more than a hundred cancer patients. Since genetic engineering is new, many are concerned on the implication that will come of it, but allowing genetic editing can possibly save millions from genetic illnesses and potentially abolishing it from existence. Dr. Wu head of the Hangzhou team in china agrees that CRISPR could be risky, he states that CRISPR is a “two edged sword” that some “see the potential damage” he says “we see the potential benefits”. In a decade or two we may be able to eradicate diseases like HIV and herpes. CRISPR may also be able to cure and defeat one of our greatest enemies cancer, cancer cells refuse to die and multiply while hiding from our immune system crispr can give us the power to edit our immune cells to make them better at targeting cancer cells.

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We’ve entered a new era where it is much easier, faster, and cheaper to use eugenics. Eugenics is a controversial subject with its past filled with distress. When thinking of eugenics most people will think of the rich creating a superior race of humans, but we should make a crucial distinction between old and new eugenics. Unlike the past of eugenics being used forcibly towards sterilizing the unfit when the Nazi regime had power, today we are only interested in improving the human species as a whole which means curing painful and retching diseases and improving what we call a disability if that be the height of a person and their health. Just like Jeff Carroll a Western Washington University neuroscientist who inherited the mutation for Huntington’s Disease who stated “I am saying, please, please do mess with our DNA”. Also Dr. Wu’s statement of “if we never try, we will never know”.

It is already too late to stop genetic engineering, we just have to decide whether we want to empower genetic engineering or limit it. When CRISPR was created one of the major topics that arise was eugenics “designer babies”. Today using cosmetic surgery, which is a physical genetic enhancements that “employs medical means for non-medical ends, ends unrelated to curing or preventing diseases or repairing injury”, but the difference is that genetic enhancements create changes that will reside in our genes to create “stronger bodies, sharper memories, greater intelligence, and happier moods. With destroying unwanted genes like cancer or diabetes we can escalate the evolution of humans and put of evolution in our own hands.

As a result, many have different opinions about genetic engineering, but all the facts push that Genetic engineering is the right step for our future seeing that we can potentially eliminate many lethal diseases using CRISPR and also for the genetic evolution of humans.


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