Is Global Climate Change Caused by Humans: Yes Or not

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If presidents of all countries will not pay attention to climate change, then animals, such as lizards, who live in deserts or polar bears, which live in the North Pole will have a hard time surviving in their own home. Climate change makes animals and plants to migrate from their home to other places to live. 

Climate change has a big impact on the environment for many animals. For example, in the deserts, climate change has been shown. According to The Atlantic. “Desert ecologist Cameron Barrows is a sand country cowboy. His white-brown beard and wide cotton hat deflect the brutal sun as he leads volunteers citizen scientists through Joshua Tree National Park”. The climate change is also affecting Joshua Tree National Park and can continue to spread all over the world. Research shows that some animals are already pushed to their physiological limits. In California’s Mojave and Sonoran deserts, tortoises and chuckwallas are already losing habitat. In California’s Joshua Tree National Park, many species have began migrating to a cooler place to live.

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The same problem is in the North Pole. “A 2003 study in the journal Nature concluded that 80 percent of some 1,500 wildlife species sampled are already showing signs of stress from climate change”. Besides that animals are showing the sign of stresses they also habitat disruption. Animals in many parts of the world for millions of years and because of climate change they need to adapt to new conditions which not every animal can adapt. Climate change does not affect only animals it also affects the environment. For example, glaciers all over the world started to melt according to National Geographics “Global sea levels are rising 0.13 inches (3.2 millimeters) a year, and the rise is occurring at a faster rate in recent years”. Sea levels are rising every year and soon can flood a small island. Later sea levels can be higher and higher.

Besides the North Pole or Antarctica having problems with climate change, other places like rural area have a problem with climate change. According to the European Commission on climate change, there are problems with soil, biodiversity, and inland water. Soil is very important in agriculture. With soil, people get food and countries transport food to other countries where that type of food is not available or is very limited. Global climate change can ruin the economy and relationship between countries. Second is biodiversity, biodiversity has a direct and indirect impact on species and ecosystem. “Direct impacts include changes in phenology, species abundance and distribution, community composition, habitat structure and ecosystem processes”. Furthermore, “Climate change is also leading to indirect impacts on biodiversity through changes in the use of land and other resources”.

The third is inland water, because of climate change it will lead to unpredictable situations like increased water scarcity increased the risk of flooding throughout much of the continent. Also, it will affect many land and marine regions and other natural environment and species. Finally, the last one is the marine environment, the impacts of climate change can cause sea surface to raise up temperatures, ocean acidification, shifts in currents, and wind patterns. “Changes in temperatures and ocean circulation have the potential to change geographical fish distribution”. “Increasing of sea temperatures can enable to alien to expand in the regions where they previously could not survive”.

After noticing all the problems which global climate change caused and will cause in the future humans need to find a solution. There are many ways to solve global climate change in the world. The most obvious is to use energy wisely, for example, changes to energy- efficient light bulbs, unplug TVs, computers, and other devices when do not need or not using them. Wash clothes in cold or warm water not in hot water. Install a programmable thermostat. When buying any device look for Energy Star label on the device, this label means “energy efficiency”, so it is good for the environment. People need to “Push for reduced methane emissions from fracked gas, Methane is 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time frame. Leading scientists estimate this gas alone is responsible for one-quarter of the observed changes to Earth’s climate”.

Is global climate change caused by humans? People need to start putting price pollution, for example if person uses devices or machines which while working pollute the environment there needs to be a price on it. For example if person pollutes environment more than the norm than government needs to give the person a fine. Price amount can vary from hundred dollars and up according to how much person polluted. Another way is to get devices which give renewable energy. For example wind turbine, solar panels, or people can become a member of renewable energy community or work in companies which are producing renewable energy devices and they will give people free renewable energy devices which are going to be a good choice for saving money. For people who do not have a big budget that will be a good way to join renewable energy community. Finally the last thing that a person can do is to spread information about renewables, like solar panels, price pollution and convince people to have renewable energy devices at their house, that they can help the environment and their surroundings.

Global climate change is very important nowadays. Because of climate change many animals are stressed they change their place of living, and it is because of people who do everything that animals and nature are not in their good way. Now there are renewable devices which will make life for everybody much more comfortable and safer, that in one day there will not be any flooding, even if people do not have much money they can work in companies where people made renewable energy devices and they can get one for free. If people will not try to change anything then it will end up of animals dying like a domino and oceans flooding the continents, this is the most obvious case but there can be something much serious if people will not take global climate change serious.    

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