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Graffiti is a creative, unrestricted, and exciting art movement that is varied and diverse, or is Graffiti vandalism? It is growing in popularity every single day because the works are mainly exhibited in the streets. The art movement is growing in terms of styles, size, and sheer skill. Graffiti famously known as street art, has been a controversial debate over the past years. However, it is usually a channel for voices of community desire, protests, and social change. In many towns, graffiti is termed as a moral decay with people who are out of control, so it is usually outlawed. On the contrary, it is no doubt that graffiti is an incredible work of art and not a crime, as many people claimed. It has been there over the past century contributing to the identity of many metropolises. The paper will focus on evaluating the positive influence of graffiti and providing reasons that it is not a crime but a work of art.

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Graffiti is also associated with social and political statements. Street art has a long history of being influenced by current political and social problems. Many people tend to paint the walls and buildings in the cities as a sign of anonymous political protests. Many statements put on the walls are more often controversial or illegally bolded. However, it has various reasons, especially when ordinary people feel like they do have sufficient power or influence to express political injustices, anger, or defiance. Mainly, this form of art is a peaceful demonstration. Artists should be left free to express their feelings, thoughts, and belief in public. Street art serves as a way of avoiding violence and making them illegal limits the street artists’ way of creating influential masterpieces. Graffiti does not always experience provocative political or social statements; some of the art display both accomplishment and struggles. The symbols are incredibly profound and can be compared to poetry in other communities. For instance, a renowned graffiti artist called Banksy is famous for his satirical street art and mainly expresses his political ideas through masterpieces. Banksy`s art is unique and inspirational that a clothing company called Obey Propaganda has adopted most of its craft. Many people have realized the significant influence of graffiti in the political and social arena and no doubt that the phenomenon will continue to grow. Is Graffiti Vandalism?

Graffiti creates colorful surroundings and make people cheer up and feel happy. The art makes people`s day interesting because it adds character to the surrounding that could have otherwise been black or grey and boring. The importance of art reminds individuals always to feel alive. It creates beauty in space, wakes people, motivates, and inspires them. Art makes other people think. As Boyd argues that “some simply assume that everyone hates graffiti and websites advertise cleaning services to fight those vandals and their weapons of destruction”. It shows the highest level of ignorance. Art does not always bring chaos but social commentary. Even for someone who lives in poverty, there is still something good about beautiful art and bright colors due to its buoyant and contagious optimism. As Megan Richardson argued that “Graffiti reflects personal views on multiple issues and can make a dull brick wall stunningly beautiful”. For instance, in Bristol, United Kingdom, the native city of the world-famous graffiti artist, Banksy, has attracted tourists and creative individuals around the globe. During the summer, there is Europe’s most celebrated festival that takes place in the town. Various artists are allowed to paint the city and other neighboring towns such as South Ville and Bedminster.

Graffiti brings a sense of community. In many towns, there is street art exclusively crafted and implemented by artists that have a personal and deep connection to the neighborhood. On multiple occasions, these masterpieces are installed with the permission of the owner. These relationships tend to assist in developing positive interactions between community members and businesses. It is a cost-effective way of keeping surfaces free from vandalism and creating visual art for residents so that they can see their homes as outstanding. Street art is also an essential part of history and identity in many communities. A lot of attention is usually given to broken windows due to petty vandalism and disorderly while little is paid to the ways graffiti is harnessing the good in the form that is authentic and constructive. As Boyd mentioned that “as a culture, we make little or no official effort to preserve or at least photography what these ‘vandals’ have done with their ‘weapons’ before whitewashing it” (para 6). The sense of connection proves that the aim of the graffiti is not tagging and should be made legal altogether. The collaboration of local business owners and graffiti artists can make many cities aesthetically desirable and appealing places to live.

Graffiti brings art to the public domain. Well-crafted graffiti assist in addressing this menace by bringing art directly to the people in the streets, pushing it into their faces. Eventually, it tends to spark an interest that will drive people in exploring the artworks further. Additionally, art can act as an education for youngsters. Most times, the main problem is found in the medium. Many people do not enjoy traditional forms such as sculpture or painting because it is irrelevant to their lives. Graffiti always act as an alternative medium of artwork because it inspires people due to its deep roots in 21st-century life than traditional forms of art.

In conclusion, many individuals think that graffiti artists rebel against authority. However, their skills are needed to make artworks remarkable. When a person looked at graffiti and concluded that it is a crime, then he/she might be missing the factors that play into why artists do it. It is no doubt that graffiti is a growing and modern form of art that will inspire future generations. In general view, it has given the cities great vibrancy, personality, more colors, and hidden thoughts as well as irony. The world can be the best place to live if all people come together and praise graffiti as a form of art and not a crime. It is due to graffiti that many artists have showcased their feelings and personality. It has inspired other individuals to open up in art and learn how to portray their emotions without violence. While older generations may have diverse ideas, it is clear that modern generations believe that graffiti is creating modern street cultures and shaping the next generations. 

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