Is Graffiti Vandalism Or Modern Art

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Is graffiti vandalism? Yes, graffiti is art and shouldn’t be viewed as vandalism because it allows people to express themselves about what’s going on in the world and how other people see it to compare what other people see as well. Some people like to show what they can do through art by doing it in public and not just at home they want to express themselves through art and how it helps them get over things and just be themselves.

Graffiti is also used for different reasons like to express on how the feel about a certain thing or someone but not all graffiti is always art but sometimes it is just scribbling and not actually explaining something that they want to draw/paint. There is lots of different drawings out there and they are all over the place and not just in one place also most/all people do graffiti to brighten a place up and show them that they street can become something if you put the work into it and the time, effort to make things look attractive for people to look at and not just a blank wall.

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The reason why some people don’t Condon graffiti is cause of how they see it. They see it as a crime because they are doing it on public buildings and they don’t think is should be allowed if they want to do it they want them to do it where they are not committing a crime because then it makes the place better and crime free but what they don’t realise is that it helps makes the place or the area better to look at because then they are not just going to look at a brown brick building.

When people are doing graffiti there is a lot of feels going through the persons mind including anger. Anger is the common thing as to why people do graffiti it gives them something to take the anger out on than doing something stupid like getting into fights. This way you can show people what is going on in life and through your prospective and not theirs because it shows them a different way of looking at things.

Art is the same as graffiti there is no difference on it and for all the people who say it’s different it really isn’t it’s the same thing and always will be no matter what anyone says about it. Art is a form of beauty and some of the piece people are extraordinary with their drawings and it’s interesting on how some folk come up with these ideas and how to make them realise in a certain way.

When the artist/people make a drawing or something some of them to put a tag on it and they can’t reach the top to put it on so instead the use “pissing” witch mean the put paint into a fire extinguisher which allows them to put a tag on as high as 20 feet and that so no one can claim it as there paint but there are some folk who like to keep themselves hiding so not all of the paintings had a tag on it and if it does most of the time it’s a fake name or a nickname they use so you won’t know whoever done it. It’s a way of hiding themselves from other people and the people that own the building as well.

Graffiti should not be allowed says a lot of people because they say it’s a waste of money for the people doing it because it’s expensive to buy the things you need to do the art piece. They are also saying that it is harmful to the kids because of all the toxic gases that comes out of the spray cans plus its scaring the kids and stops them from going place but not all the graffiti is scary and most of it is people and writing not really scary things and if there is then that not the persons doing cause they are just trying to express their feelings.

If you put it this way most graffiti has a message be hide it and not everyone can see that but some messages mean a lot to someone and if you got rid of it the it’s like losing a part of you because quite a few people does graffiti to help them through family things, school and also suicide as well and that means everything to the person/ persons that made it and it’s not right if you got rid of it. It reflects that person in an amazing way.  

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