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Home Birth as an Acceptable Practice of Labour

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Tracy McMillian once said, “Caring – about people, about things, about life – is an act of maturity.” When a mother lays her eyes on a child, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. A mother always wants what is best for her child. Giving children the best care is what a mother strives for. But recently, the number of childbirths at home has increased greatly. Birthing a child at home has become more and more popular in the United States. There are many debates on whether giving birth at home is acceptable (Belluck paras 1).

Pam Belluck questioned in her article, “How safe is it to have a baby outside a hospital?” Giving birth at home is not suitable because it puts the child and mother in danger, it is unsanitary, and the environment lacks the equipment needed. Midwives get their birthing knowledge from other midwives. Therefore, it is not creditable information because the material is passed to others instead of each person learning from a school (Tengelitsch paras 2). Information being passed to each other might lead to unreliable information because significant material could be left out when training the next midwife. Also, they lack the necessary equipment needed during a difficult birth.

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Midwives do not have educational training needed if a medical problem were to arise to the baby or mother. It seems more reasonable to give birth surrounded by people that have college knowledge and training. Home birth higher the rates of the baby have serious medical problems such as seizures and in need of a ventilator or even blood transfusions (Belluck paras 4). Due to these major risk, out-of-hospital birth should not be permitted because of the lack of educated staff and emergency medical equipment. Pam Belluck also talked about a study in her article, “The study analyzed… in Oregon…women had planned out-of-hospital deliveries, the probability of the baby dying during the birth process…was 2.4 times as likely as women who had planned hospital deliveries.”

The number 2.4 may seem small, but the risk is just too big when it results in even one death. Knowledge, training and equipment are important factors needed when giving birth that an out-of-hospital birth definitely lacks. Although home birthing is more comfortable and cheaper, it can easily put the child and mother in danger. A mother should never want to put her child or herself in danger, so why would a mother choose to birth her child at home and increase the risk of a fatality? Most homes lack the skilled personnel that usually help during a hospital birth. These employees are trained to help aid patients emotionally and physically. They are also trained to keep the hospital safe and sanitary. Another point that keeps this argument going is that some areas where people live are too far away from a hospital. Fisseha G. and others indicated that, “Implementing community-based intervention programs that will address the physical accessibility of delivery services, such as the ambulance service, road issues and waiting rooms, and improving quality maternity service will likely reduce the current problem.” After doing a study on new mothers, Fisseha G. and others came to a conclusion that putting an ambulance service in rural areas will help people get the proper transportation and reduce home births (G, V, A, & W 2017).

People believe that having a home birth gives the mother a better experience. Having a baby in a hospital does not take away from the experience. A hospital does not make it less special. Lauralyn Curtis said “In this way, every birth is a natural birth: each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety”. It is possible to have a natural birth in a hospital. Hospital births are safe, sanitary and reasonable and can be made special in each person’s way. Home births can result in injures and death due to a lack of a strong medical team that would be available in a hospital. Leo Buscaglia stated, “The purpose of life is to help others, and if you can’t help them, won’t you at least not hurt them?”


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