Is Homework Helpful Or Harmful: My Take on No Homework Policy

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“Education is the key to success”, this line was overly used that its essence is gone like. The reason why students are complaining to everything the teacher has tasked them to do, because they think that those tasks are the hindrance to their success and hurdle for their dreams. No homework policy, I negate.

Last August 2019, House Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero want to promote the House Bill 3611 (No Homework Policy) which creates a commotion to everyone involves, teachers, students and parents and to all the concerned citizens. This bill is all about the removal of assignments from kindergarten up to high school. As Escudero reasoned “…it deprives students and parents precious quality time for rest…”

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Our teacher once said that we as students are investing our future to what we call “education”. Outputs, homework and spending time doing them are our investments. However, in most cases, students’ views regarding this topic are negative. They thought that it is an additional stress to be piled up to their body again. On the brighter side, it can help the students in various ways.

First and foremost, it can tighten the parent-daughter-son relationship. How? Parents could help their children in doing homework’s; likewise they can monitor their child’s performance in schools. Similarly, the children can bond with their parents after a long tiring day in school. Through this, the child will enjoy the idea being with their parents helping them and avoid the thought that assignments are one of the sources of stress.

Homework will also freed them from being addicted to online gaming and using social networking sites too much. Instead, students can use this opportunity to read more for tomorrow’s discussion for them to participate well in the class. They can use this too to know what part of the lesson they do not understand and do some further research. The independency as a student will be enhanced.

As I have mentioned earlier, independency will be enhanced. In what way? Spoon-feeding of knowledge during primary and secondary level will give a student a hard time in their tertiary level. Because during college years, students will teach themselves and the teachers are just there to facilitate them and clear things up when some of the details on the topic being discussed are vague. The students will no longer felt pressured because the independency that they have been practicing before were already enhanced.

Furthermore, time-management is one of the best things the student can work at especially when he has a pile of schoolwork’s to be done. Proper time-management with the right planning will be helpful. She can do the entire task smoothly with less stress being felt. Therefore, she can pass all of it on the deadline or before the given submission.

My dear co-students, homework’s aren’t burden. Look at the past decades and try to compare it with the present time. We all now have the resources, with just one click the information we needed is on the screen already. We don’t need to read and scan all the books in the library just to get the information we needed. While on the past years, the available resources is limited and too far for the other students to reached but they still they managed to do the given homework’s.

Those assignments aren’t given without a purpose. You’ll not know why, but your teacher does. It serves as an extension of your learning in school. Doing your assignments is like taking an exam, it is just you can look at your notes, try to search on internet or you can try to ask a help from your classmates but you must not cheat. In this case, the teacher can know whether you learned or not. If your scores are good then the teacher can say that you learned and understand the topic, if not your teacher can help you to further explain the topic especially on those parts that you aren’t good at.

We all now have the assets which are the knowledge. The investments we are investing today will be credited someday and that is the diploma. It will represent all the investments we have made through the past years, the fruits of our sleepless nights and tiring weekdays as well as weekends. It is just a matter of self-discipline and proper time-management. Don’t just dream make it as a goal. You will succeed. WE WILL!

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