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The Readiness of Iostoken to Control the Internet of Service

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This year has been quite eventful and the crypto crash in January saw the entry on many new coins and tokens into the market unnoticed. IOStoken (IOST) is one of these coins that continue to baffle many enthusiasts. This is a new entrant in the Internet of Service riding on the Ethereum ecosystem. With many new coins testing the market while still being incubated by the Ethereum platform, there is a lot of competition and Ethereum is become the most popular launch pad for many digital assets. Many of these new entrants have turned to compete with the mother blockchain and others have so far moved to go it alone.

Why is the Investor interested in IOStoken (IOST)?

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IOStoken is fast positioning itself in the market with clear cut real world use cases through its Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS) model. This is in a bid to tackle the scalability hiccups that many older players are battling with. The platform is already headed to be among the best outfits whose scalability is functional.

The increasing investor trust and confidence has earned IOStoken its current position as among the most valuable coins of the future. The platform offers a safe environment for smart services and its scalability capabilities are poised to make it the first point of reference for any business that is looking for a state-of-the art blockchain outfit where they can host their services.

Interestingly enough, IOStoken is the only functional platform that you can transact goods and services in a secure and transparent way. This is another reason why developers are flocking the ecosystem to build their systems. With fast transactions speeds of 100,000 per second, only a crypto verse critic would resist the temptations of being part of the IOST community.

Why Choose the IOStoken (IOST) Platform?

Although the IOStoken project is still in the beta phase, it has achieved more than some older market players. Once the platform is completed, more features are lined up and this will increase trust and grow its audience. In addition, the platform supports a wide array of businesses and services with uses having the ability to store their data in designated nodes across the ecosystem.

By embracing small and big businesses, the growth opportunity for IOStoken and its native coin IOST is immense. Anyone of the blockchain can monetize their businesses and services and take advantage of the IOST coin growing traction. These are some of the attributes that make the token stand out from the Internet of services competition in the market.

IOStoken (IOST) Price Recap

After starting the week on a positive note, IOST appears to have slipped by 1.13% to the dollar to trade at $0.0022529.With most Altcoins showing signs of recovery in the last 24 hour trading session, IOStoken appears to be putting its house in order for the long term growth. In June, the IOStoken team managed to rise over $50million to support its development agenda through Bluehill. These will go into supporting its partnership and dApp development to give it a competitive edge in the market. Bluehill only supports promising startups and it appears to have a soft spot for IOStoken.

Once the partnership dream is achieved, IOStoken will give Ethereum stiff competition in the area of dApp creation and beat other Internet of Service providers in the market by providing workable solutions to small and large scale businesses.


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