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Is It Important to Have Respect and to Have Manners

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Manners and respect are an important part of everyday life, whether we realize it or not. The only problem is that manners and respect aren’t very common among a good amount of people. Nevertheless, manners and respect are essential to everyday life because they allow us to communicate as equal-minded people in a crowded world. People like you more if you use manners and respect them.

There’s more of a chance to make new friends, and to have a better reputation of yourself. With the way the world is, people need to have respect and manners towards one another, and most likely, there will be less tensions. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is rude and mean. It always looks good on your part, if you’re treating others with respect. It makes you look mature, and respectful. More people will actually like you and would like to communicate with you. Jobs and socializing are easier because people are able to talk to you and not feel upset around you and they feel that you value their opinions and their thoughts especially when having manners. Customers could be having a really bad day and just showing a little bit of kindness and respect could easily, make it a little better for them. Like going into a restaurant, and being well serviced and being respected can result in tips and better business. If being mistreated, or rudely mannered, it can easily lead to complaints and no business. That’s why it’s important to be well mannered during jobs.

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It makes you feel better when you make other people feel better because not everyone uses manners and respect. Someone could be having the worst day ever and just being mannered and showing kindness and respect could make someone’s day better. I find it more important for kids to show respect and kindness, because kids face bullying a lot at their ages. Some kids may feel as if they’re a nobody, meanwhile others feel as if they don’t have friends at all. Socializing and being well mannered, can lead to friendships for one another. Being well mannered as a child, results in the way he child will act as they get older. They’ll have manners and know how to respect one another, as they grow because they were already taught that as a child.


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