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Is It Important To Understand Music?

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I believe it is possible to enjoy classical music without actually knowing how it works. Classical music generally has a calming tune to it and many people without even knowing anything about it can be influenced or affected by it. I do think that classical music can be for everyone but those who understand it better can see it in a different light. . I know several people personally that listen to songs I myself enjoy, and when I try to have a conversation about it and find out what they enjoy about it, it does not seem to be so deep or meaningful. I might find that the song has a powerful meaning and have notions of hope and lyrics that motivate you, while another person might simply say the background beat was nice. I think classical music is the same way in a sense where some people may listen and enjoy its calming qualities but have no real knowledge of what they are actually listening to. I know one song that comes on the radio that was inspired by a close friend of the writer and performer who committed suicide, and it shows in the song and it’s very meaningful. I had also done research on this song in school so while I know maybe more than some others I do not think I am so far ahead then when I have a conversation with people about it I get such weak and uninteresting replies. I will ask if they like the song, and what they think it’s about and I tend to get replies like “Yes I enjoyed it, but I don’t know what it’s about.” Classical music has a deep and interesting side to it that many people may have yet to discover and really enjoy.

I do agree on the fact the people cannot be tone deaf. Unless a person has a hearing disorder then people cannot be tone deaf but may just be not as musically inclined as others. Many people choose not spend much of their time during their lives to focus on music other than just listening to what they enjoy. Many people just have not tried to sing or perform music or advance themselves further than to what they already do. This attribute of people can be seen in many aspects of people’s lives other than just music. When somebody does not really enjoy something they will not try better themselves. This is also true when something is difficult; most people will try a few times but will give up if it is something they can go without. The video also mentioned this with the kid who ages and gets better but eventually gives up. I think that common phrase of a person being tone deaf would be used much less if people would realize that it is not some fake disability they think about but rather just a lack of effort or time. Music is a wonderful thing and has so many different types and ways of performing, with different styles and instruments and can sometimes be too challenging for some people at first which leads to that common notion that people are tone deaf when in reality they just have not given it enough effort. Therefore I do agree with him in saying that nobody is tone deaf but they have not put enough effort into getting better.

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It is my opinion that the audience should pick up the intentions of the performer. It should not be the performer that needs to explain everything but he or she should allow the music to do the explaining. While music can be abstract and interrupted in different ways, it is the audience that takes the basic idea of the music and uses it to piece together what the image is behind the work. I think this could be compared to art pieces, while some may have titles it does not necessarily give away what the artist is trying to show. A piece of music can have a title but most of the time it will be the audience who needs to interpret what is going on and not leave it to the performer. Each piece of music can mean different things to different people, and incite several different thoughts based on the person listening. The performer should do their job in just performing the piece to the best of their ability and leave it to the audience to add meaning to it and discover the intention. While a performer can announce the title of a piece, and give a great detailed description then go into it, the audience will have something set in their mind of what they need to get out of the piece. I think it is more personal, and more inspiring to let the piece do the talking and have the music be the description for what people see in their minds.

I do not think that all musicians are so arrogant but rather that audiences are not very educated in music. I think most people just do not spend enough time learning about music and what they hear is what they know. I think some people should spend more time doing research on at least music styles they enjoy. Most people I talk to about music could not tell me anything about the history or founders of their favorite genre of music. Something like understanding a piece of music is not just a natural skill that everyone has. While I believe that everyone can hear a piece and interpret it, they are missing out on more by just not knowing much about the subject. Musical audiences are not as musically inclined or musically educated as they probably were years before where music was a more important aspect of people’s lives. While music is extremely common in modern times, its importance seems to be taken for granted and the meaning seems to be lost most of the time.


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