The Debate About Age in a Relationship as a Sensitive Issue

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Loving a little guy has many interesting news. However, dismissing the embarrassment and the gossip around it also makes many feel tired. The story of girl who loves a poor guy is not too old now. People used to say: ‘Girls are always better than boys, so if you love someone bigger then that the children or the poor and heartless children‘.

That is the saying that I often hear from my parents. Considering I am an adult, I have never been mindful of boys who are at about the same age or younger than me, let alone someone like that. Until I met him, a smart boy, good at studying hard at word and less than a year old than me. Both of us entered a secret and reserved relationship, not wanting to let anyone know. My friends and family did not like me because I was 20 years old. But if we were to look at each other, I would be happy to love the poor.

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As we all know, people often consider serious sexual relationships between male and female odd. When loving a little guy you are always blindfolded around friends and family. Is it okay to date a younger male?

Firstly, age does not determine the maturity of a person. In a year you can go out alone, experience a few new suggestions, meet hundreds of people, get a college degree, while your lover may still be sitting in the lecture lounge playing electronic every night. Especially , when the age gap is several years, you will remember the college freshman is past, the maturity mark of adulthood, and the lover at that time a high school friend innocently and playful.

In contrast, a person who is not experienced in life but they know how to care, share and always makes you happy and happy all day. He will always do the unexpected things for you when you are sad because you have difficulty in work or friends to you to comfort, more fun even when you are busy playing electronic games, go to the club, go to the bar every week with your friends and do not stop texting asking you so that you do not worry and. He is also the most mature and behaves a death you have meeting. Not only that, instead of worrying about the word and family, the younger man will give you a new color, new life, youthfulness and energy source . A new look at their song as well as a new perspective on life.

Secondly, younger people can also be serious with the relationship. People often say that if you go out with a younger person, you will have to find out where your love is going, the guy just dates with the older person because of curiosity, they will be quick and bored. There are so many younger girls around, they are nothing more than people to stay with.

In my opinion, it is not quite like that, have you ever heard or witnessed couples who love each other from high school and still remain stable after many years? The story of such feelings now in modern society is not popular, but also not rare. A guy you love at the age of 17 can be serious with you or another older girl, as long as you or the person has the qualities that he looks for in a relationship. Whether he has promiscuity or not tempted by the other beautiful girls also has nothing to do with age. Moreover, you are speacial in his eyes. The younger boys do not have much experience with women, so for them women are always secretly attractive. He loves girls who are more than his age so they will always respect, treat your girlfriend as a treasure. Especially the younger guys are not often experienced or sad with women so they will not be wary or doubtful in love. Their affection is often sincere, trustworthy and fun.

Furthermore, younger boys will not have long love affair, no ex-wife, or children. You do not have to compete with anyone in your heart. For a guy you are always special and important, he will not compare you to anyone. You are always better, more beautiful and attractive than all the girls in this world.

Finally, when dating a younger person, your confidence grows as you grow up, and especially for women who grow up earlier than men. In their eyes, these girls have a strong pull. You may not have a sexy appearance, but what you care about is how to behave and know how to care for you, just the type of person they are looking for at you will be considered as a priceless gift that heaven brings you to him . When you are with them, you will feel confident and relaxed. Sometimes you are a bit shy but over time everything is fine.

In my opinion, women is psychological when dating a guy younger than himself. The woman always wants to match his lover in the eyes of everyone. So they are very interested in how to dress themselves, how to dress, have a beautiful skin and every funny and naïve, when they are next to the woman always feel comfortable and like being reborn in youth.

In addition, it is important for everyone to remember that a relationship is always based on respect, trust and emotions. When emotions are there, respect each other who are more or less the same age, and keep faith in the person you love as well as their relationship. Always be aware of the risks, and talk about them openly and clearly. Then all problems can be solved and the only one left is to love each other.

When dating an inferior person, it is ok and good. Age is not important, is it important that they love you and that you really have feelings for them. Together try to overcome all to get beautiful love. Build a lasting relationship and happiness, sacrifice, understanding, empathy, and sharing to make it last longer and better. Along with that, when you love the poor women will find themselves younger because when standing beside them you have to make sure you are beautiful and suitable for them so you care and love yourself more. So it can be said that dating a poor person is not a serious problem but it is derived from two hearts to reach each other whether you are older or younger. It is no longer a problem, you just love each other and together build up that long- lasting happiness only.

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