The Irrational Belief in Ghost Hunting and Ghost Entities

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Ghost hunting is the method of exploring areas that are detailed to be frequented by ghost. Ordinarily, a ghost-hunting team will endeavour to gather proof supporting the presence of supernatural movements. Ghost hunters utilise an assortment of electronic gadgets, for example, the Electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, computerised thermometers, both handheld and inactive computerised video cameras, thermographic and night vision cameras, as well as computerised sound recorders. Ghost hunters are often referred as “paranormal investigators”.

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Ghost hunting is a theoretical concept to believe as the equipment used has hardly ever caught the presence of ghost. Defaulted equipment and money minded hunters tend to play a scam on innocent individuals that leads to a belief in the existence of ghost. For a considerable length of time, individuals have attempted to set up contact with apparitions evidently speaking to the spirits of the dead. Apparition chasing, as this sort of examination is known, is intended to build up an affair or verification the presence of such anomalous events, while the paranormal is not by and large acknowledged in the logical world because of its absence of significant experimental or hypothetical confirmation. Individuals have attempted to utilize logical techniques to identify or even evidence that apparitions exist. There is inadequate evidence to substantiate the existence of ghost. A major example is Bermuda Triangle. It remains an unsolved mystery. History suggests that numerous amounts of lives and transports such as aircrafts and ships went missing. There is shortage of proof to justify the disappearance of people and transports.

Along those lines, there seems to be little evidence suggesting that these entities exist. One of the most fundamental aspects of why people believe in the existence of ghosts is through the media, as they are one of the most influential entertainment entities that drive the industry and lifestyle individuals live in today in terms of what is socially acceptable and what the social norms comprise of. Specifically speaking, the media has the power to alter the concept of believing in ghosts because they have the potential to implement an image that individuals refer to when they think about these dark entities. Little do the people know that the media is making use of the believers to gain popularity. In line with professor Olaf Blanke, the founding director of the Centre for Neuroprosthetics claims that when a human mind is psychologically in pain and the said individual is experiencing grief, this may be a contributing factor to the fact that images and objects can be created by the cerebrum which is also influenced by the media which leads to the supposition that the media has a significant impact on how individuals perceive things differently. For an instance, there are a selected few of individuals that are more prone of being traumatized mentally because of mental distress, resulting from the departure of their loved ones and may hallucinate their departed loved ones in the room. This proves that it is unreasonable to believe in ghost hunting.

In addition to that, the whole philosophy of ghost hunting relates to fear. The fear of ghost that intervenes in the human brain mainly caused by the belief in ghost often leads to extreme threats in the long run. Psychologically affected individuals have a huge tendency of hallucinating objects and individuals. With such behaviour and mental issues, the individual will instil the thought of the presence of ghost. The concept of ghost plays a major role in the post- industrial society. According to the postulation of Philosopher Peter Van Inwagen, he claims that the populations of the post-industrial era acquires a tendency to hallucinate supernatural apparition such as for example, having a virtual idea like when a man is speculatively set in a burial ground, the vast majority would generalise that twigs would break, there would be presence of winds and white cloudy developments in the darkness.

In contrast, there are a certain percentage of individuals that find it relevant to believe in ghost hunting due to personal experiences of facing ghost in their life. Back in the1970’s, Perron and his family of 7 living in North England faced a terrifying episode of horror. It all started when the family moved into their new home not knowing the bitter truth about the house’s background. The family started experiencing demonic presence followed by the death of their pet within the first few days of settling in their home. Christine, the wife of Perron, encounters a malicious spirit only she can see, prompting her to state that the spirit wishes her family dead. Another night, she hears clapping in the hallway. When she goes to investigate, following the noises, she gets trapped in the basement by the spirit. Having heard all these, Perron then decides to contact paranormal investigators seeking for help. To gather proof of the demonic existence, the investigators set up cameras and other equipment. The family starts facing more trouble from Christine as she starts reacting violent towards her children. The story ended as the protagonist rescued the possessed women by chanting a spell and warding off the spirit. This has been portrayed in a movie called “The Conjuring”. Based on the analysis, there are more logical evidence to suggest that it is unreasonable to believe in ghost hunting rather than vice versa. From a scientific point of view, Christine could have just been psychologically affected from being left home alone all day. To captivate their attention, the investigators may have illicit a non-existential presence of apparition in making them believe there is ghost.

In a nutshell, it is unreasonable to believe in ghost hunting. Therefore, in conclusion ghost hunting is a debatable topic because it displays inadequate evidence to corroborate the existence of ghost. Ghost hunting is an uncertain subject because it correlates to the theory of fear. Thus, it is unreasonable to regard the concept of ghost hunting as it corresponds to drastic health concerns. As to conclude, the conception of believing ghost hunting is a farcical decision.

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