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The Question of Taste and Strange Combinations in Clothing

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Yes, it’s on the pages of the fashion magazine. Since then, Justin Timberlake and Robert Downey Jr. have started appearing on the red carpet to win in this disobedience, the high-level retailer is trying to push him to the filmmakers or show rock stars not regularly. Giant dealer Jim Crow was very brave this action, which is really a close relationship, handkerchiefs, rolled metal spiral with dress pants or super hard tennis shoes with proud display shows the amazing young gallery. They look like sports and children magicians. But he always photographs himself on the beaches and in a social environment, not in the life insurance offices.

Like many wonderful creatures – buses on Dover Street in Hydra, Gurgaon, Krakow and Toronto – very few scientists have seen them as savages. Of course, you see famous rappers and bloggers in carefully designed images with onion ropes and runners. We will see the elegant men in the center of the city in pairs with sneakers, shirts or shirts, but without a tie. These are definitely casual clothes. Where formalities are needed, for example, funerals, sports shoes, crooked appearance.

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Maybe some smart environments – outdoor magazine stores, holiday promotion parties – full-time, suits, ties and shoes that you can put on people, but warned about the incident. It’s more like dressing as a firefighter for Halloween. There are many real actions that make this type of clothing natural. An art gallery in Miami, a furniture store in Berlin or a better store. You can not take it, but you can work in an investment bank. Not really, wait: I know someone who works at an online auction in Manhattan. If you do, you go crazy. If you wish, you can use the head of a zombie ant. Here in Europe, there is a shoe company, which decides on fine wool sport shoes: His name is Benjamin Daedfishe and he is in Toronto. They produce very attractive sports shoes in tennis style, including dandelion skin (scarlet needle). The catalogs show the men in a grandmother’s hair salon with these boots and cold suits and a story about the hair. The question is: Is there anything left in this garment, except that it can cut the hair in an attractive environment? This opinion is the sale of Benjamin director Daedfyshe Patrick Cornish, insisted on three categories of customers he has: (1) bankers / lawyer threw the end of the afternoon his boots and Part 2 Advertisers and (3) all leather shoes for the Night old people with awkwardness and want to relax Send me some pictures to try it.

It did not take long to investigate the top executives of the major banks, several government commission, the Italian government will take the time to present the evidence for the British tailor and the best red shoe interruptions. I mean, I put my shoes on jeans.


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