Is Research that Important in Our Daily Life

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  • Definition of concept
  • The necessity of research of teachers and learners
  • The value of research

Education requires information, which is what teachers provide to learners and that is what learners acquire in the process of learning. The thing about information is that it does not just appear out of nowhere, it needs to be built or gathered from elsewhere in a form of research. In this essay, the value and necessity of research will be explained, from how it benefits the current generation of learners and teachers.

Definition of concept

Research- Creswell (2016) defines it as the use of creative and systematic work to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this knowledge to devise new applications.

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The necessity of research of teachers and learners

Today, in the twenty first century world, everything has evolved and is continuously evolving, including information. For educators to be able to find a way of understanding in this complex world of information there’s a need to build information as there is a transition from the information age to the knowledge age. Firstly, research helps expand knowledge and it strives to make sure that the understanding of real-life problems and issues are dated to the current world. Research helps with developing and gathering up answers to questions at hand while bettering understanding for one be able to learn and apply the acquired knowledge; in the case of the educator it means it would make it easier to transmit the knowledge to learners.

For the learner, it exposes them to an array of information to work with. This way, they learn about research that was done in the past and they could use it to conduct their own research and in turn provide more information for the following generation of learners. It also encourages creativity and innovation as it allows them to think outside the box and find new ways to tackle problems and opens them up to a myriad of possibilities of finding revolutionary solutions. Moreover, allows for flexibility in that it could be conducted in various settings or environments. Ultimately, research sparks up the learners’ curiosity and makes them inquisitive rather than gullible or dismissive to the information they find, teaches them to find evidence to confirm facts, evaluate the information they find and to use the information they find to build new information

The value of research

Participation in research is key because it helps to put in new information about the topic or issue at hand by filing the gap between old information and new information. According to Perkmann et al (2013) suggests that research increases new generated useful information by using existing information as a guide or tool for testing for validity using new participants. Moreover, it promotes collaboration which involves academic engagement between the researcher and focus studied in a social context for a better understanding that he two relationship impacts the results.

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