Is the American Dream Still Achievable

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The American dream is your vision about the goal that is deep seated in your brain and the idea by which equality of an opportunity is available to any American, and goals to be achieved. Many immigrates like me are living the American dream. The American dream is achievable since it is made possible due to hard work, determination to achieve a better life and passion. So is the american dream still achievable?

First, the American dream is achievable due to Hard work. There’s one thing about the American Dream which requires hard work to achieve. If a person is aiming to climb from humble beginnings to a comfortable life, from the low-class to the upper-class, or even climbing from the very bottom to the highest of society, one will need a powerful personal drive to succeed. Tommy Hilfiger says, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream”. Which means without hard work you cannot be successful. A person cannot wake up on day expect to be successful without putting in the work. For example, getting ahead in life means working hard so that one can 'pull ahead' of others who would rather put in only an ordinary level of effort. For beginners, one may want to try working harder and longer than other people at his or her job. Working hard may help a one save money to buy their dream house and live a comfortable life style.

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Second, the American dream is achievable due to Determination to achieve a better life. Determination is defined as not giving up on your dreams no matter how hard things get, or how badly you want to just give up, you keep on going. Sometimes a person wants to let go, when it seems like what you’re going for is just out of reach, sometimes you tell yourself if what you’re trying to do is worth the great amount of effort that you put into it. When things get hard, a person starts to think that it’s not worth it, so he or she just wants to let it go, but the truth is this, the more pain and suffering a person put into something, the better it'll feel when he or she get it. In addition, determination is plays an important factor in the success or failure of a person’s in life. To be truly determined, a person must first be passionate about what he or she is doing. However, passion is only the first step towards resolution and determination. One must have a clear mind set and be willing to do anything to achieve his or her goal. Like Maya Angelou said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” For example, my cousin Edwina and her mother immigrated from Ghana to American leaving behind her father and winded up in a small apartment in Grand concord New York, where they lived on welfare, used food stamps and makes ends meet. Edwina worked as a cashier and her mother babysat. The young lady worked her way through college but ended up, like many famous entrepreneurs, quitting. she taught himself programming and eventually landed a job at Millennium management llc in New York.

Final, the American dream is achievable through passion. Passion is doing something which you love to do again with ease and without tiresome. Harriet Tubman says “every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Which means that as a person you must dig deeper to discover your passion. For example, being an immigrate from Ghana and being in America, one thing I have learnt is that the American dream is achievable. I came to America when I was fifteen years old and I remember my mom always telling my brothers that America is full of opportunities and whatever you set your mind to, if you have passion and stay focus you can achieve it. She says “she wishes she had a higher education focus on her dreams before coming to America, she would have achieved more in her mom wishes for all her children to finish school and have better life. She doesn’t want us to repeat the same mistake she did. Looking back at what she said to my brothers and I, she is right. Looking back at all the time I have wasted, I could have finish college or probably finishing medical school by now. I came back to Middlesex county college with the mindset that I am not giving up on my dreams, I will not be a failure to my mom. It is my passion to become a medical doctor someday and am not letting anything stopping me from achieving my dreams.

In conclusion, the American dream is achievable because of determination to get a better life, hard work and passion. There is nothing in life that we not achieve. Sometimes having skeptical attitude doesn’t help the American dream. Focusing on yourself, being optimistic and expecting more in life can help achieve the American dream.

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