The Role of the Government in the Mass Shootings

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Conspiracy theories are events that have happen and individuals believe that the occurrence was made up. In America, everyone would love to believe the idea that the government keeps us safe and looks out for our best interest. However, many individuals wouldn’t agree with that point. As a whole, most of us are afraid of what others are capable of. Danger lurks behind every corner but we are forced to go out into the world and face our fears for the sake of raising our family. Random shootings have become more frequent in American history. The Las Vegas shooting was an inside job that the government had taken part in. To my first point, “The gunman was armed with 17 rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition”. This shooting took place in October of 2017 and left many hurt and others killed. This arises questions about how Paddock was able to get the equipment into the hotel, up to the thirty-second floor, bust a window out, and install cameras without being caught. Once an event arises most people begin to pick it apart and see if any part of the story doesn’t add up. The horrific event of the Las Vegas shooting in which the concert of Jason Aldean was taking place was a deviation occurrence. Anytime there is a major event like this concert there a substantial amount of security guards in place to make sure that the artist and guests are safe. The police did not arrive and go into his room until after he stopped firing and committed suicide.

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Paddock, the shooter began renting the room that he wanted several days before the concert took place. Paddock began the night by shooting and killing one of the security guards when he approached his room. He knew the security guard was there because he installed cameras so he could keep tabs of everyone that was coming and going around the suite that he purchased. How did none of the security guards catch him doing this? “The apparent six-minute gap between when Paddock allegedly shot Campos, a security guard, and when he began firing into the crowd caused confusion and fueled conspiracy theories.”

Although one can always find a way to harm someone guns have always been the fastest because you can pull it out at a moment’s notice and you can hide them on your person without the realization you’re doing so. “Using an enormous cache of guns, in less than 12 minutes he single-handedly massacred 58 people and injured 527 more.” "If only the federal government had passed Law X after the Y shooting, then the Las Vegas shooting wouldn't have happened.”

On the other hand, some believe that individuals do not have to have reason to act irrationally and commit murder. Some individuals believe that this was not a government inside job and that some people are just simply evil. The argument has come up that individuals could lose their hold on life and mass shootings could be the only way they feel they are able to have an outlet. An argument could arise that mental illness could cause one to lose a grip on reality and kill others as an outlet.

Overall, mass shootings have become more familiar in America and everyone has their own opinion whether they believe that people are acting outrageously or if there is meaning behind the incident. However, Paddock was overly equipped and there were no emergency personnel found when they were desperately needed. There are many conspiracy theories that will remain a mystery due to the fact that we do not have access to the underlying truth However, there is always a possibility that the government could be hiding truth that we are completely unaware of to cover up other events that are going on around us that they do not want us to focus on. Paddock would have needed some type of help in order to pull off the shooting due to the mass amount of guns and ammunition present.

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