Eliminating the Place for Stereotyping in Our Society

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When asked about gender roles today, we tend to think that we have come a long way with the way we think about women and men, and we don’t believe that there is gender role within today’s society. Although this is what we think we are not correct, yes, it is very uncommon to see gender roles taking place today. Gender roles are things as simple as thinking that just because they are a female means that they should be A stay at home mom, always cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Men also experience stereotyping on what they “should be doing as a man”. Stereotyping that men have experienced in past years would be, they should be working not the women, they shouldn’t be the stay at home parent, that they should be strong and providing.

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Don’t always count out the women, we are stronger then we look. To make It in the work force we must be strong willed, and determined. Women are expected to have “soft or “clean” jobs, jobs that are not as tough as men’s work. Some examples of jobs women are expected to have are nurses, not doctors, secretary’s, teachers, librarian, and waitresses. Females are also not to make as much money as men. When you think of a female most things that come to mind are, flirt, helpless, “weak”, quiet, pretty, stay at home moms, and caregiver. We are not expected to go out a make a living for the family and be the provider, we are to stay home and cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Women have started to come out of the shell and begin to go after what they want, and fight for it. Women are determined to get what they want, no matter what it takes or how hard it’s going to be. We love to prove people wrong.

Now just because you’re a man and you have facial hair instead of breasts doesn’t mean that you don’t get stereotyped. Men suffer gender roles also, maybe not as many as women but there are some out there. Men are expected to be the bread winners, the protectors, emotionless, they are supposed to have the high paying job, they do not cook or clean, they like the outdoors and cars. Men do not have to work as hard as women do to get to the top of the “food chain”. Some men may like to help their wives clean the house and take care of the kids, not all are “car guys”, not all like the outdoors, not all have the higher paying job. Unfortunately, these attributes are frowned upon today. Just because we don’t have the same parts doesn’t mean one is better than the other everyone is entitled to do whatever makes them happy, and in this case if it makes a man happy to clean and take care of his kids then why should we discourage that.

Surprisingly we have made leaps and bounds from where we were before, unfortunately we have not rid of all gender roles. Women use to not be able to join the military, or vote, or go to college, or even work. Now days’ women have so many more opportunities for jobs and military, then they did in the past. Today’s society does still hold women to a higher standard than they do the men but, men are also facing stereotyping also. Although we have made huge strides towards riding gender roles, we still have a long way to go before society is completely rid of gender roles.

Today’s world is nowhere near as hard as it was in the past but there are still major changes that need to be made throughout society, gender roles being one of the smaller issues. Some of the other issues include racism, sexism, gender roles, and many others. When thinking about the progress we have made in society today we tend to leave out the “less” important issues we still need to work on, and only focus on what we have done good on. We as a country need to focus on the less important issues and become a well-rounded, polite, respectful, and grateful country. We should not be judging people for doing what makes them happy. We need to stop having expectations of what we should do, because that’s the “right” thing to do.

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