Is There a Relationship Between Ethics and Religion

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Emile Durkheim was well known for his views on the structures of society and capitalism. He used 5 factors such as individualism, excessive hope, too much freedom, Atheism, and weakening of the nation and family to determine why society was so unhappy. Durkheim sees capitalism as a positive strength in society. Human actions are based on what society demands from us. Capitalism has changed the way society interacts with each other. “Few choices are involved..a person be a… without having made any self-conscious decisions for themselves.” This quote shows Durkheim’s way of thinking that even if you live in an individualistic society, that does not mean you will have the best decision making skills.

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Immanuel Kant is very well known for his ideas on deontological ethics. Kant argued that the categorical imperative is the voice of our own selves. The only that that is good without limitation is the good will. The good will is the will to do the right thing. This is similar to religious tenets because Kant believes a person is moral if they have a good will. They will not cheat, steal, or sin for the moral rules. A person has to give up personal preference for any outcome in favor for the general welfare. Unlike religious tenets, deontological ethics comes from our own personal reasons. The purpose of our life is to be moral, not happy.

One thing that immediately caught my attention was Alain de Botton saying rituals are designed to put human beings in there place. This brings people together and creates a powerful force. He also states that organizational forms of religion have the ability to create powerful ideas. This differs from secular society because religions requires structure. For example I am Muslim and every Friday we are required to go to Friday prayer. There is a set time you must attend and go with your family. Religion gives us guidance that the secular world gets insulted by. We think because we are mature and older, we do not need guidance. Although religion teaches us and reminds us how to live. Religion brings families closer and educates us about different morals. It can help us with our health and mindset.

Religion and philosophical thinking allows us to ask questions about the world. The future of the upcoming generations are determined by us asking questions and becoming more knowledgeable. Asking difficult questions in moder society has become more difficult. Our society values freedom and independence. Sometimes we can be afraid to express our dislikes and concerns. We have become so focused on fitting in with others. We do not want to voice our opinions because we are so afraid of what people might have to say about us.

Morality is important for our society and it helps us prevent any chaos. Our consience wants us to do the right thing. Society has made it a priority to care about how we are viewed. Society has taught us how to behave and every action that occurs contributes to morality. I believe that ethics allows us to realize what is valuable and important in our life. I prioritize my family, education, and goals because of my morals. Ethics is very important to our society and it allows us to build relationships and make a life for ourselves.

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