Is There a Solution to the Problem of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is not just a problem in developing countries, but also in fast countries such as the United States which happens to be one of the top three destinations for trafficked victims. A large factor that contributes to the high level of human trafficking is big airports. It provides easy access in and out of cities and countries without attracting any unusual attention. According to figure three about human trafficking in the United States, eighty-three percent of trafficked victims are American born citizens and one in seven victims receive an online solicitation. Many of the victims in the United States are actually from what are considered to be “good” families, rather than runaways, just coerced by the traffickers into joining the trade. Solutions to human trafficking exists today?

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Undoubtedly, human trafficking is a vile and heinous crime worldwide. However, there are some potential benefits that are related to this modern-day criminality. Usually in large cities, some human trafficking is voluntary; an individual can sign up to be smuggled into a different country, which allows people to move from overpopulated areas into other areas that will have more resources and accommodations to sustain them. They may find a decent job, become financially stable, and turn into the head provider of their household. Another benefit of trafficking is by providing cheap labor to factories, such as assembly line workers, or to service industries, such as maids, resulting in the reduced cost of production which lowers the prices for consumers worldwide. By producing goods at a lower cost, similar companies will be forced to innovate and improve their industrial practices to stay competitive. It encourages the development of better products and more effective technology.

Human trafficking is a disturbing crime against humankind that involves degrading and destroying a human beings life by manipulation. “Many girls are sold to brothels, and young virgin girls frequently become the property of businessmen … Most young men leave their homes because of pledges of good jobs. However, they are brutally beaten and given methamphetamines so they can work twenty hours a day”. Survivors experience a multitude of side effects ranging from long term physical abnormalities to developing psychological disorders. Victims of human trafficking have absolutely no freedom and experience horrors such as abuse, deprivation, and torture. The perpetrators often make the women and young girls feel insecure because of their inferior gender. Another drawback of trafficking involves the educational system; the lack of education the world has about this major international issue is tremendous. Awareness of this epidemic is minimal because of the lack of training public officials in recognizing signs and how to assist the victims.

Another danger of human trafficking that most people do not take in consideration is the transit and harboring of trafficked persons. Victims usually arrive to their destination by shipping containers to be out of sight; a method that is very easy and profitable for the traffickers. Most authorities are not suitably trained to identify these types of crimes, therefore, the perpetrators are able to transport the victims without being suspected of any illegal trade of humans. Transportation alone can cause short-term health effects on the victims inside the shipping containers; there is a limited supply of oxygen, food or water, and rest to sustain them. Often times, people who arrive at the destinations are malnourished and dehydrated which result in poor health and a lowered survival rate in this illegal industry which is roughly around seven years after entering the industry. Ultimately, this can lead to the victim being thrown away or murdered because they are not useful in contributing to the forced labored services or making a profit in prostitution. The government is creating laws to make shipping human cargo, or forced immigration, illegal by using tamper proof seals or by having security cameras in the loading docks to pick up any suspicious activities with the vessels. Shipping containers, while a great solution for the quick shipment of merchandises, have led and supported multitudinous crimes being committed including human trafficking.

Human trafficking effects not only the victim, but their families as well. In many cases, if their relative disappeared, families would be worried and obsessive over what happened to them; asking if their relative is being forced to do unimaginable things or, worst case scenario, if they are dead and if there was any possible way of protecting them from this situation. However, family members may be the cause someone entered the vile trade business. Drug and alcohol addictions are a common reason to sell or rent family members in human trafficking to support their compulsions. Traffickers can manipulate the family into believing and expecting that their daughter will one day have a better life and be able to support the family. Poverty is the popular issue that causes family members to willingly sell victims for money to sustain their household for several months.

“We believe that the most effective way of eliminating human trafficking is by empowering people at risk, empowerment of people is possible through education, employment and the provision of security”. In figure two, the image shows a cycle of how to end human trafficking; the demand, the transaction of a human sale, the rescue, rehabilitation, and finally, the reintegration. There are many different causes of human trafficking that can be diminished or even eliminated. Since overseas travel cannot be stopped completely, security officials should provide more thorough checks of cargo containers such as x-rays. Providing helpful information and resources to women and girls, victims, survivors, or supporters, will lead to the end of modern-day slavery. Given that education will be provided to everyone, they will develop new skills and abilities to become employed and support their self without being tempted into believe false promises. The amount of dedication to stopping human trafficking will be a daunting task for someone without adequate knowledge. Therefore, the interest of acquiring knowledge about this epidemic will play an important role in ending it for good.

Global human trafficking is a repulsive yet thriving criminal enterprise in the world today’. International agencies should be working together to resolve the conflict”. Many advocates are taking action to end this modern-day slavery. Booths, informative speakers, prevention programs, and community outreaches are all addressing the trafficking outbreak with the help of supporters. The end of human trafficking will begin with the prevention of human trafficking. Governments need to enforce anti-trafficking laws and work in partnership with national and international prevention organizations. By strengthening the national criminal justice system, trafficking can be easily detected in any situation and the trafficker will be correctly prosecuted and convicted of their wrongdoing. Educational outreaches is the most important type of awareness about modern-day slavery. It will be provided to women and young girls who are a part of the poor socioeconomic class; who is the targeted group of human trafficking. By providing and executing solutions of modern-day slavery, hence, can ultimately lead to eliminating one of the many evils of this world.

Human trafficking is an ever-growing, shameful industry that many people around the world participate in today. It is the fastest growing criminal enterprise and occurs in every country in the world. The victims are degraded, humiliated, physically and psychologically harmed leading to short-term and long-term effects. Those who have been victims of trafficking, in particular the sex trafficking victims, will be physically and emotionally harmed for life. The trauma they have endured forcefully exceeds that of most things they could encounter in their homelands. The demand for slavery is fuelled by several factors and is often over-looked by prevention programs which allows the enterprise to flourish. The traffickers can reap a significant amount of money with a relatively low risk of getting caught and convicted. Human trafficking is the corruption against society and individuals which must be put to a stop. The victims basically have to start their lives over from scratch, but thankfully there have been strives in establishing rehabilitation and outreach programs to draw these victims in and start to give them a sense of self-awareness once more. Some of the victims of trafficking, in the sex trade especially, have been in the trade for so long that they are unable to recount their life before the fact. With preventive measures being taken and human rights being enforced, survivors can successfully rebuild their life from their dreadful human trafficking experience, though it can easily be considered one of the most tedious things to recover from. 

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