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Is There Water on the Planet Mars?

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Search for Water on Mars

So far, the most powerful search for extraterrestrial liquids has been carried out on Mars. Our Moon is the closest to Earth, but in the 1960s the humanitarian visit showed no water on the surface and no chemical sign of liquid water exposure. (Liquids other than water are not stable in Mars conditions. Water ice on Mars surface evaporates very quickly because of its low atmospheric pressure. However, the Earth’s rock pressure means that water ice and even liquid may be in the planet.) Mars is the most easily accessible solar system in the solar system. So we are looking hard.

The possibility of life on Mars has long captured the imagination of scientists and the general public. For example, in the late 1800s, Italian astronomers Pietro Secchi and Giovanni Schiaparelli observed channel-like structures on Mars, and American astronomer Percival Lowell hypothesized them to be canals with canals. This flame was fanned more recently when an asteroid or meteorite collision in Antarctica in 1996 found a meteorite called ALH 84001, which appeared to have been ejected from Mars. The rocks crystallized about 4 billion years ago and contain minerals formed by water interacting with rocks. In 1997 it was thought to contain fossil evidence of bacterial life, but later discoveries turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, the quest for life on Mars continues to lead to scientific inquiry and fascination with the masses. ALH 84001 was a simple switch. The truth is on Mars or inside.

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Viking probes – satellites and lander – made landmark observations of Mars in the 1970s. They collected large amounts of data but did not find any signs of life or water. Twenty years later in 1997, a Mars Pathfinder missionary with a bread box – sized Sojourner probe found loose rocky fields that tilted in the same direction as found on the flood plains of the earth. This is a circumstantial evidence that water once flowed over the surface of Mars, but there is not yet a scientific hat. The water on Mars was developed by the Holy Spirit and the opportunity of the Mars rover that arrived on Mars in January, 2004. They observed slow-down features (similar to sand or sediment) when the water was very shallow. And they found a small bead called hematite, which is often formed when iron precipitates from water (so-called “blueberries” are not blue). The result of the lander showed evidence of intense floods and traces of groundwater flow by high-resolution photographs of spacecraft in orbit around Mars. So we know that there was once water on the surface of Mars, as well as liquid water and abundant water, and that the underground surface still had stable liquid water. For a clearer answer, watch Mars’s future news and future mission!


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