The Damage Caused by Trump's Chaotic Actions in Canadian Trade

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Since he took the presidency of The United States, he appointed tariffs that could go up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Canada’s economy is highly dependent on trade with other countries around the world, especially The United States. We are all aware that The U.S is the biggest costumer of Canada, by this we understand that Canada is highly dependent to this country because that’s what is keeping the economy standard to these levels. Most of the exports are shipped to The U.S and most of the imports come from it.

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Canada is the fifth largest agri-food exporter in the world. It exports half of the beef and cattle produced, 70 per cent of soybeans, 75 per cent of wheat, 90 per cent of canola, and 95 per cent of pulse crops. There is a strong connection between these countries because their trade market between each other is what causes growth on their economy, but the tariffs that were appointed by Trump can cause a huge hole in their trade market because their too high to be accepted. This causes chaos, but there’s nothing to be surprised because we all have heard about Trump being called “King of Chaos”. If the relationship between two countries would go down, it would be disastrous for both of their economies.

I can say that Canada would recover again because there are many other countries that are willing to have the priority that U.S has on trading. Canada is offering a lot of resources that could easily get new agreements on Europe or Asia as China or Japan too. The United States would be more damaged by that because is highly related on resources like oil, steel, gas, electricity and dairy products too. Canada is the only country that still uses the “supply management system”. Trump tried to create this kind of chaos to Canada so his country could benefit but we can clearly see that he only damaged his own country. Everything is connected to each-other. It’s like a chain, if one part is damaged and can’t handle anymore the chain than all the other parts can’t stay connected together. Trump almost destroyed it. He did not understand that he didn’t help his country but the worst is that he damaged it.

On this speech I understood a lot how things work. There is no interest for Trump to attack Canadian market because there is no interest on him to attack his market too.

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