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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a novel that portrays a man called Victor Frankenstein created a living being out of dead body parts. Although Victor Frankenstein created the monster, he should not have neglected his responsibility to guide and take care of his creation. His creation was left to fend for himself in a cruel world which led to the creation of becoming an actual monster; he deserved sympathy the most. So, maybe Victor Frankenstein is the real monster?

Victor is intrigued by life and death. He loves “natural philosophy”. He read books by authors like Agrippa, Albertus Magnus, and Paracelsus. All of these authors have something in common; they are about science, especially chemistry. When Victor saw lightning strike an Oak tree, it sparked the interest of electricity. He wanted to see if he could create life from dead body parts. He succeeded,succeeded, but it came at a cost. Three reasons why an individual should sympathize with the monster.

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The first reason why the monster deserves more sympathy is he was abandoned by his creator. When Victor Frankenstein’s creation opened his eye, Victor’s “dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled heart”. He was appalled and unhappy with the way his experiment turned out. The first thing he did for the creation was he ran away. Since Victor made the monster, he became the father, but he failed at his job because he refused to take care of his new son. The creation is like a newborn baby with absolute knowledge of the world. He became an orphan at that moment when he was left behind. He did not have anybody to educate him on his first steps, the weather, food, clothing, fire or his senses. The monster had to figure out all of these by himself which took a long period. When he saw fire for the first time, he “was overcome with delight at the warmth trust hand into the live embers, but quickly drew it out again with a cry of pain”. Although the monster is very smart, it would have been an easy transition into the world if he had someone to guide him. He was not given a warning that human beings are going to react to him negatively.

The second reason is the monster was mistreated by any human beings he came across. Often children who are abandoned by their family are led to have violent behavior. As for the monster, getting neglected by his creator triggered him to feel isolated from the world. His first encounter with a human “somewhat surprised”. The old man that the monster found in the hut was shocked and afraid of his hideous appearance. Afterward, the creation was attacked by the village crowd; he was “grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons”. Ever since that rejecting confrontation with humans, the monster detached himself more to avoid getting killed. This hurt the monster deeply because he thought he was made like humans; he had no idea he was deformed. The monster got to know the DeLacey family. At one point, the family was very sad. This unsettled the monster very much that he discovered that even though they have food, clothing, and shelter, it was not enough; they were very poor. He took the initiative to stop stealing their food because he knew it was wrong and also provided them firewood every day. This shows that he has compassion for him. He tried to approach the DeLacey family thinking they would welcome him with open arms but he got beaten up. He tried to save a drowning girl, but he was wounded by her male companion. The monster wanted to befriend William Frankenstein but he was called “monster! ugly wretch! an ogre hideous monster”. It provoked the monster to kill William. The constant humiliation, abuse, and isolation led him to commit a crime. He tried to be nice toward the humans, but in return, he was abused. If the monster had had a companion, it would not have to not lead him to do violent acts.

Another reason is the monster did not have anyone like him as a companion. Humans are not made to be alone but unfortunately, the monster who was made out of human parts was made alone. From watching how humans interact with each other, the monster knew humans needed a companion or partner. He approached Victor concerning how he felt when he was abandoned by him. He wanted “companion of the same species, and have the same defects”. He told Victor “create a female for, with whom can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for being”. They both made a deal that Victor will create the female and the monster will move to Africa with his new bride. Although Victor agreed to create the new being, he failed to complete his end of the bargain, which put his family in danger. Victor was not considerate of others; he was being selfish by thinking about himself alone. It was obvious that the monster was very desperate to have someone like him and was going to fulfill his promise, but was disappointed, betrayed, and angry when Victor destroyed the half-finished creature. This made the monster kill most of Victor’s family. The monster was trying to make Victor understand what isolation and rejection feel like by slaying off his family. It was not the monster’s fault he turned out to be a killer. He just wanted someone to love him dearly. When he saw Victor’s dead body, he knew he had lost his only hope to have a companion and went to burn himself.

The monster did not deserve the hate and rejection. Abandonment, physical and verbal abuse, and isolation are reasons why one should sympathize with the monster more than Victor Frankenstein. Victor never considered if he had stayed to take care of the monster, situations might have turned out differently. 

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