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The Fight for Your Beliefs Is More Important Than the Win

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Winning is essential factor only when you believe you are on right side. When we play a game, we simply try to win the game. But I believe we must have one belief or purpose to fight throughout the game which could be a meaningful experience. If the competition itself is meaningless to us, we are wasting our time on fighting with no target. Secondly, by fighting and failing the battle, we are able to make an self-improvement. While we face the hardships, we are able to enhance our faith. Additionally, I strongly believe we shouldn’t think of a game or competition but one hardship that I am responsible to protect my belief.

When we win or defeat, we feel good for winning opposite side. However, we should carefully aware of what we fight for. If I assume that choose a side where my belief aren’t related, perhaps I won the game, I would feel extremely meaningless. What is the point of winning? However, there is a people who believe winning is after all the most important thing. Because we are fight to win and devote ourselves to defeat other part of people. Furthermore, for us to win, we must choose a side which is able to destroy opposite side. Nevertheless, this statement is not reliable since it isn’t containing any proper reason to fight. Besides, if you are not doing what your heart is telling, you will eventually regret. For example, in the movie called “Thor”, there was a one guy who was on Thor’s side. However, when Thor’s strong sister returned to destroy, he devoted himself to follow and worship her. Eventually, at the end, he regretted and helped Thor to kill evil and save their nations. Therefore, choosing winning team isn’t essential thing, but persistently standing for the side. Therefore, what should we fight for? What are we usually fight for? To choose and taking a stand, we must have strong faith. As Beowulf knew and had a strong belief in what he was sacrificing for, we should acknowledge what we are going to fight for. For example, Beowulf devoted himself for his citizens. Surprisingly, he even died to protect people from dragon. Hence, I believe we have to have a clear purpose for the fights that we will encounter.

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If we don’t have solid purpose, we can’t find any reasons to fight. Additionally, when we work for anything, somehow we should have outcomes that are advantage for us. I believe must fight against the opposite side in order to preserve and keep our faith. Therefore, winning or losing isn’t a vital, but focusing on our purpose is important.

In the heroic movie or drama, righteous heroes often have a hard time because they should think of others meanwhile they are having a fight with evil. On the other hand, the opposite side act whatever they want and destroy anything they want. Therefore, being evil is much easier. However, the righteous side is having an inevitable pressure with their responsibilities to be righteous. Moreover, as righteous team fight and fail as they fight, they learn essential lessons from fighting. Additionally, heroes will become more responsible and mature as they fight more and more. For example, Iron man, he once failed to keep people safe. As he encountered failure, he felt his responsibility for what he’s done or will do. While heroes face difficulty, they will improve their sense of righteous, which means they will have meaningful fight. Moreover, meaningful means we could learn lessons from process and able to fight against for your belief.

In conclusion, being successful isn’t what really matters. The fact that you are standing and having a strong mindset with you faith is much more essential. Firstly, fighting only for winning the fight is meaningless action. However, we must have reliable faith and purpose while we fight against opposite side. Even when we have to sacrifice in order to protect our belief. Lastly, development occurs when we encounter and overcome the difficulties. As we learn from the failure, surely we will improve our sense of righteous. These are the three statements which supports taking a stand is further important comparing to winning the battle.


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