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The Stigmatization and Prejudice Around Islam

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Religion is a word that has been used between people since start of the humanity in the world. The word religion in Oxford dictionary means, “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. ” Today in the world it has been estimated that there are 4200 religions, in which after Christianity, Islam has the biggest followers in the world by having around 1. 8 billion believers. Usually these days when non-Muslims hears the word Islam or Muslim they think about terrorism, violence. There are questions about Islam that rises like, does Islam support terrorists? or why terrorist groups like ISS, Al-Qaida, etc, uses religion of Islam as there influencer? To be able to answer all these question it is important to know about the history of Islam like when and where did it come from.

At the year of 571 AD a man called Muhammad born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He was born in one of the most respected family of Quraish (the leading tribe in Mecca at that time). He lost his father, Ab-dullah before he was born, and later at the age of 5 his mother, Amina died. After that his grand-father took the responsibility of raising Muhammad, but after two years he also died, in which the responsibility went to one of the uncle of Muhammad called Abu Talib. At those young ages Muhammad was so truthful that in the entire city of Mecca he was famous for it, therefore, the people in Mecca given him the nickname of Amin (A person that never lied in his/her life). Until the age of 40 he was involved in business. At those time the people in Saudi Arabia was idol worshipers, and other worst believes like, killing their new born child if it was a girls, but he was the only person that believed in one god and against all those believes. At the age 40 he was chosen by Allah (the name of God in Arabic) as a messenger of God, and received the first verses of Quran (Muslims holly book) by revelation from Allah, and it has been 1440 years since the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) till now. As the majority of Muslims believe that to know the true Islam and real Muslim is to study the life of Muhammad (SAW). If we study the life of Muhammad (SAW) we can find that he never committed any kind of violence, because he knew that for major reasons it’s prohibited in Islam to kill innocent people. Killing innocents and violence is haram or prohibited in Islam by authentic verses in Quran and Hadiths.

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What I mean is that in holly Quran it mention that not only killing is prohibited, but also it counts the second biggest sin. As it mentioned in Quran, surah Al- Ma’idah, “Whosoever kills a person unless it is for murder or corruption on earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind,”(Ch. 5, vr. 32). By reading this verse in Quran it completely clarify that there is no place for violence in Islam, but peace. In fact the verse doesn’t finishes by the above statement, it continues by saying, “Whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as he had saved the life of all mankind. ” The other reason that proves Islam is against violence is the name of the religion “Islam”, I mean in Arabic the name “Islam” is taken from word Salaam which means peace. Although if we see videos from terrorist groups we can find that they use some verses from Quran to support their actions, in which most of the time rises the questions about the religion and the Quran, but if we listen to all the real Muslim scholars around the world we can find that more than 99. 9% of them are saying that those terrorist groups are using those verses either out of context or misinterpret them for their own benefits. As a believer of religion I am sure that majority of religions’ scripture are saying that you should not kill innocent human beings, and as a proud Muslim I can proudly say that Islam is the leader of those religions. Today if go to any non-Muslim people and ask them to define the word Jihad, the most common phrase we can get is that, a type of believe between Muslims that allows them to use violence, and kill people or in other word “holly war”. The reason for that type of understanding of the word is that Jihad is most often used by terrorist organizations. The true meaning of the word Jihad in Arabic is struggling and striving, and in Islam Jihad means a type of efforts internally and externally to become a good Muslim. As it mentions in Quran, surah Muhammad, “And We will surely test you until we make evident those who strive among you [for the cause of Allah] and the patient, and we will test your affairs” (Ch. 47, vr. 31). So if we compare this definition of Jihad in the Quran with the action of terrorist groups claiming to be doing “Jihad” is completely opposite which means they are lying, and proves that does Islam does not support their definition of Jihad, and it against violence.

Politic is the last and most important reason that I believe Islam is not a religion of violence. What I mean is that if we study all the actions of the terrorist groups in the entire globe we can find that the main reason behind their actions was and is political not religious. In fact they are doing these violence things like killing innocent people or suicide attacks just to get fame around the world, and proves that they are existed and power full. As professor Robert Pape university of Chicago one of America’s leading terrorism experts who studied every single case of terrorism between 1980 till 2005 with total of 315 case, and concluded that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism or any of world’s religions, rather nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is specific secular and strategic goal to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorists conceder to be their homeland. In fact if we study the case of Osama Bin Laden the leader of Al-Qaida, the main reason for his terrorist actions and starting an international terrorist group was the being of United State military base and force in his homeland country Saudi Arabia.


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