Islamic Studies: Arguments to the Existence of God

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  • Design and Designer Argument:
  • Scientific Proof:
  • Religious perspective:

According to Fitrah arguments: In the fate of a person, Allah declared it as a special property. When this person knows, he knows all the principles that follow God, always in life. One becomes foolish in childhood, illness, the blessings of God, men and women “Every child is born” nature “, but his parents have made them a Jew or a Christian. It is as if animals usually have a baby. Have you realized that before you (young animals) Will be born?

Therefore, as soon as the child’s body has given physical laws, which is in nature, God’s spirit is also in fact the fact that God is God and Creator. But their parents try to follow their parent’s way and compete or oppose their parents, this child is not enough at the earliest stage of his life. The child who follows this religion will have his own will and will do, and God does not count or punish him. When the child defines false and false lies, adults should now follow the religion of knowledge and religion. On this occasion, he tried to be Satan as a person. “Satan is happy for him, and he has to find his own desires in his way and on the right path.” If he chooses his mind, God will help to overcome his desires, though in this many people can avoid maximum life in their age.

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Because all powerful forces are fighting against idolaters, especially in the right way to show life. We have defeated our enemies whom we called Nabil. Today, all the truth and good deeds come from their teachings in the society, and if they are not for their teachings, they will be security or security around the world. For example, the laws of more and more Western countries are based on the “Ten Commandments” of Musa. Musa, such as “Do not steal” and “do not kill you” even though they claim that “secular” governments are free Religious influence.

Thus, the duty of humanity is to follow the path of the prophets, because it is the only way that nature is with it. It should be very careful not to do things just because its parents and their parents do this, especially if knowledge reaches it. If he does not follow the truth, then he will be like the people in which Allaah says: “If it is said that God is behind them, then they say: No, we will follow it which we found our partners.” Although his colleagues did not understand anything nor did they correct right.”

Design and Designer Argument:

To support the prevalent clock and the genocide between universe, design argument guards are generally moving forward the following types of ideas. Consider the fact that the universe is built in a way that is according to life. There is enough oxygen to support life on earth. If even a little bit, then the Earth’s environment will not be able to support life when we know it. But if there is a bit oxygen in the atmosphere, the combustion is easily and often, and it will be difficult to maintain life again in such a situation. In addition, the Earth is just the right distance from the sun. If we were near for a while, then it would be very hot to maintain the environment. But if we ask for some time, plants will not get enough energy from the sun to process vegetarians, through which the energy of the sun will turn on earth on earth. This and other fine tuning aspects indicate that it is an intelligent brain that has deliberately brought these qualities to. As Sir Isaac Neten heard it, the most beautiful system of the planet, planet, and the planet can only move ahead of the intelligent and powerful counseling and rule.

Scientific Proof:

The claim is that it is often not possible that Earth is unlikely; it is impossible to have the planet’s confluence, the confluence of the situation, which is just impossible, all stars and galaxies. . Such unexpectedly unexpected emerging intelligent life, all the factors need to be presented in the right order, for us to specially design our universe. Otherwise, the argument goes, our coming troubles will be so modest that it is not able to believe that it can be done. But what things do not we need to worry? What if we were also near the Jacketrack Center; Will Sarroova’s high rates not make us forget, and to destroy life? What if we did not have a planet like a plan to clear Steroid Belt; Does the large number of steroids go on our way or wipe a life that is managed to create? And is it the fact that we are here now, when the universe is relatively young? Many stars will be trillion years for years, but our sun is to shine our oceans in the ocean. We already have about one billion or two. When the universe was very young, there were not enough elements.

Coffee stars live and die that all the elements of the presence of all dimensions are quite large number of people in the entire galaxy. But have they gathered correctly? Take a look at our own Galaxy’s heart, shown at the top of this page. Apart from water, thanksgiving, benzene rings and other organic molecules that are in the inter-steerer space “present”, we are amazingly complicated.

We have three options about the presence of a large number of hair logically, first of all, it was created, and finally someone created what we now see, we have a fact well Know that Satan cannot be anything. In order to cancel the second option, at the same time, something in existence and absence is impossible. This means how to do something, but not yet available. So we have left the third choice that results in a tough logic that only creates a large ball that has the ability to expand.

Religious perspective:

The comparative analysis of contemporary religions in the world, we can see it. Prophets of prophecy, miracles and medicines (prayer) are common beliefs. This fact cannot be easily developed from any human race. These luxuries also fail to fix facts Stories and stories about denying the prophets and their teachings. So it is proved. Whether the Koran cremation is as per the rational thinking or not. This will be rejected for any reason. Apart from this, there is no reason to agree. No prejudice based on rational thinking. While the supporters of the lie never presented. Prejudice to support their ideology, but the Koran rejected it on the basis of truth and clear.

All creation of Allaah is created only to worship Him. Animals and genres also belong to it Azazil is a genocide but was so passionate that he became a companion of the angels but Trouble Humanity is different as they can speak. They can understand and think. I have a gift God. He is the kingdom of heaven and earth and he has not taken a son. There is no partner in itself and its own kingdom, and after all creation, He has set the right estimate.

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