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Islamophobia and Terrorist Organizations

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Islamophobia. What is it? An irrational fear of people that are Muslim. However, all of us know that it is much deeper than that. The word ‘Islam’ translates to Peace, so really it means Peacephobia. Scared of peace? Just think about that for a second, Peace is something that everyone in this world has talked about at least once in their life.

Islam is a beautiful religion, just like many others. It is a religion of peace and mercy. Every day as a Muslim, I use the word ‘Asalamualaikum’. This is a wish for the other person to be blessed with peace. This is what being Muslim truly means.

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And yet this heavenly image is ruined by people who think they have the right to do so. If you don’t know who ISIS is, it’s a terrorist organization, that causes nothing but harm and terror to the world. ISIS has one goal. They want first-world, civilized countries like the United Kingdom to reject Muslims. They’ll be happy and ecstatic to hear that Muslims have been threatened and attacked in the UK, America, Australia, South Africa, and all around the world.

This sinister organization has in their filthy minds that if they get Muslims to develop a “terrorist” reputation then Muslims will have nowhere to turn but to ISIS. I used inverted speech marks on the noun terrorist because it is a word commonly associated with the term Muslim and this is exactly what Islamophobia is and this is what we need to stop. We need to stop this “plane” of thought and we need to stop making assumptions.

Nowadays it’s not even mainly ISIS killing innocent and peace-seeking Muslims. It’s the community. The community that ISIS always wanted to use for their benefit. The community that says disgusting things on social media profiles, that they know are owned by Muslims.

So, if you are someone with a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat account, or let it be any form of social media, which I’m sure everyone here has, and you’re throwing out immense masses of hate, you are helping ISIS. You are supporting non-Muslims. In Islam, we believe that any person who kills an innocent person it is as if they’ve killed the whole of humanity.

So, consider it – does one wish to be the person serving a terrorist organization?? Do you want to become a murderer? Do you want to become one of them?

People think ISIS only kill non-Muslims. That’s completely inadequate. They also kill Muslims, in fact, most of ISIS’s victims are Muslims. Take Syria for an example of this.

Therefore, ISIS is not a Muslim and is not the face of Islam. That’s why all Muslims stand together against ISIS. I personally believe that terrorism has no religion and terrorism is definitely not the face of Islam.

Imagine having to be that Muslim and waking up every day and walking out of your door, knowing you’ll be attacked and threatened for believing your religion. Is this really necessary?

To make it worse some people have come up with this radical idea that refugees and immigrants from Syria are ISIS’s secret agents and they’re coming to destroy their country. As a matter of truth, ISIS took over their country, ISIS killed their loved ones. ISIS destroyed their homes.

So, imagine if you were a refugee or an immigrant coming into my country and I’m treating you like an outsider. How would you feel? There are ways that we can help each other out in this matter…

We can learn about each other’s religions and cultures. We can stop making assumptions. We should definitely not be stereotypical. We should most certainly treat each other as humans and not a completely different race for believing what we believe.

And remember, when you tell somebody they’re a terrorist because of their religion – its a hate crime. Even if it is just “Banta”.


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