Islamophobia as a Common Feature Nowadays

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Religion has caused many wars, but that doesn’t prevent the idea that all religions call to peace. Religions sometimes are the arms of peace and happiness not only to one person but to the whole country/state. Having war doesn’t always mean that peace is ignored, peace may appear in the form of protection and bravery. In the holy books of different religions peace is stated and war is prevented to establish a religious and definite state that consists of all elements of praise. All holy books state peace, consolidation, and appreciation of other religions; for example, The quran states that we as Muslims must appreciate other religions such as christianity and judaism and provide peace for jews and christians unless they attack the Muslims and Islam.different beliefs doesn’t account in the main goal of all people and religions which is the peace of hearts and minds toward other religions and moralities. What may start a religious war or attack?

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 There are several aspects that can start a severe religious war, one of them or maybe the most important one is: spreading rumors. Spreading false rumors between two religious groups may lead to an attack between these groups to ruin the peace between them and cause fear between people in a specific country/state. This type of rumors may cause a severely negative type of phobia, which is the religious phobia. A common feature nowadays is the Islamophobia , in which people fear the effect of Islam without a specific reason or target.

Islamophobia is the use of fear against a specific sect or group and it is the feature with no history or trace that lead to an important question which is what lead to fear of Islam? Many people (foreigners) claim that the Islamic history started with several infestations and conquests that aimed to cause fear and deterioration for non-Muslims. These Islamic conquests were against non-religious people who worship unbeneficial stones. Islam’s infestations and conquests had one main aim which was to establish peace among people and to show that Islam’s strength is in solving issues and establishing a peaceful life for all sects of people. Also Islamic conquests was to expand the Muslim territory and not to cause fear to anyone. The Islamic conquests was mainly to show the support of god to people and their bravery. Majority of people in the Eastern world fear the high population and fertility rates of Muslims in the western world, others think that 9/11 attack was arranged and managed by Muslim groups. First, the high rates of Muslims doesn’t impose any threat because they are born to protect the Islamic western world not to damage the history of other religions. Also these huge rates is related to another negative ideology of arabs. Secondly, 9/11 attack was a terrorist attempt to spread rumors and start a war between Muslims and other groups especially Christians which impose the majority of people in the east. 9/11 attacks was primarily made to portray a false image of Islam in the brain’s of non-Muslims, especially people claiming Islamophobia or the fear of Islam and its strength.

People who believe in Islamophobia claim that they saw in news how Muslims murder and burn non-muslims, but media is a huge false rumor since it transform facts into a set of rumors for the enjoyment of viewers. If media is not faulty and Muslims are terrorists ,why would They murder other Islamic groups or Muslim people? For example, the recent New Zealand crisis where a 28 year old man entered a mosque with a machine gun and killed all Muslims who were praying without mercy. The criminal confessed that he was non- arab and non-Muslim, also Trump admitted that it was an act of revenge against Muslims for terrorist actions that were made by people with unknown religion and nationality. An online screed the shooter apparently left behind explained that he was specifically targeting Muslims who invaded “our lands [and] live on our soil” and that it was an “act of revenge against Islam.” The Trump administration’s condolences have so far failed to use the word “Muslim” or “Islam.” ( Trump’s confession about the New zealand crisis). Media also shows that anyone with a beard or handling a gun is a Muslim and the question here is why? Why is anyone who looks terrorist is considered a Muslim? What caused the Eastern world to link Muslims to these inhumane attacks? Muslims believe in helping people not in destroying their lives for no reasons and their is no evidence in having Muslims act as terrorists.

Another thing the people claim is that the Islamic world uses brutality to enforce the religion. Islam is a peaceful religion that believe in equality and equity among people, and maybe brutality comes from the eastern world. For example, United States A Muslim cab driver was brutally attacked by a New York resident after professing to the Muslim religion. Why people live in brutality and lack of mercy, while their religion state the opposite. The Majority of people are Christians and Muslims and their holy books state peace and it precludes brutality, so why is there mis-relief and criticism about the identity of each one.   

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