Israel and Palestine Conflict Or Protest Going Along for Decades

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 There have been tremendous protest going along for decades between the two major ethnicities and the land of Jews and Arabs. In recent news, a soldier from Israel was retaliating a protest in which the soldier “shot and killed a plainly unarmed Palestinian boy” during the enormous protest along “the Gaza border fence”. The innocent life of the Palestinian boy who was killed, was “Othman Helles, 14, was gunned down on July,13” and this situation took place when the boy was climbing the border fence of Gaza and there was a sniper positioned on the other side of the border. There was an Arabic documentary showed on the BBC news by showing the video in which the whole scenario was captured of killing the Palestinian boy.

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The soldier of Israeli was “not identified”, however he agreed to “plea bargain” in which he agreed and convicted of disobeying of higher orders that lead to a death of a life. The army of Israeli didn’t defend that soldier and told the truth that the soldier shot the boy without receiving any permissions and didn’t not comply with the rules. In this situation, the soldier who was pleaded guilty was demoted in the army and was sentenced a one month jail time but the father of the Palestinian boy, who was killed, “said he was deeply disappointed by the sentence” as he was afraid that the soldier sentence in jail would ““encourage his colleagues to kill in cold blood.”” There has been immense loss of lives in these protests and there is no equal justice. Thousands of people protest along the border every day to get their land back or to get their resources back but there are eventually send to sleep by massive killings in the protest. These are the situations in which United Nations and other Super power countries should interfere to settle this long decade of cold war going between Palestine and Israel and bring peace and harmony to the world as well as to the lives of young generations.

Due to this whole situation, the different ambiguity perspectives and opinions of the world has caused many lives and disturbance around them. One of those disturbances the israel and palestine conflict regarding the control of the territory of the country and the differences between the ethnicities. Israel is the only territorial land of Jews in this world, located just east of the Mediterranean Sea. But the land was originally controlled by the Palestinian Arabs and now is in control of Israel. The second World War immediately brought out the long- standing antagonism between Palestinian and Israel crisis. This will be further detailed in our book, The World since 1945, where the crisis has been discussed in detailed and how and who tried to negotiate peace. The book also discusses the perspectives of Arabs on the land and it is the only country that Jew population has in this entire World.

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