Israel and Palestine Conflict that is Still not Solved


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Imagine that some stranger enters your home, which you have bought, claims to have the right to live there because their grand grandfather used to live there 100 years ago. How would you feel? Well, this is a perfect example of the Israel-Palestine conflict, where Israel took Palestine’s homeland.

The Israel and Palestine conflict is a territorial conflict between Israel and Palestine. Today’s conflict is this issue, since the 1880s, European Jews have moved to so-called historical Palestine.

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Jewish immigration to Palestine began in the World War I and continued even after World War II. Europe had a bad conscience for the Holocaust. The establishment of a Jewish state had greater support than before. The Holocaust also contributed to strengthening the world’s faith in the need to establish a state where Jews were in the most. It was a plan from England that such a state would offer security to all Jews in the need of protection. The problem with the plan was that the Palestinian people were not Jews. Israel’s need to a homeland was because; if they do not have a homeland no one else is going to accept them anywhere else, especially because there’s a lot of racism and anti-Semitism. England occupied many Middle East countries and had power over them. England made a promise to get the Jews a country because of a bad conscience and The Middle East countries were the main targets.

However, the main specific reason to why Palestine was chosen as a homeland for the Jews was that religion played a huge role from Israel’s side. They believed that Jerusalem was their holy city. The first major historical event is about David and Salomon and takes place about 1000 BC (before Christ). King David, who lived about 1000 BC, was the King of the Jews and made Jerusalem the capital of the Jews

Today is the Israel-Palestine conflict still not solved. A sufficient solution for both parts has not occurred to be satisfying neither of them. Israel have offered many plans to Palestinians but after deciding with the land, the Israel’s came and built more settlements that belonged to the Palestine’s without discussing it which made the Palestinians feel betrayed which led to trust issues and that their land was sold to the Jews.

The solution to this conflict using money would not be enough to satisfy either of them, but if using money could buy their mindset then this conflict could have been long time ago solved. If a part of the cash, maybe 1 million US dollars would be divided equally between Israel and Palestine to make peace it would be a good start. 1 million US dollars to the Europe countries and to North America in order to make racism and anti-Semitism vanish would not only make peace but would also make the world a safer place not just for the Jews but also to every human being. The remaining 1 million US dollars would be given to Palestinians people because they suffered the most in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The money would be used to repair the destroyed country.   

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