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Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Life in the Gaza Strip

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Many places like the US, Canada, and many more are great places to live. They are neither a utopia or a dystopia though. But a place named Gaza, a self-governing Palestinian territory, is definitely at least right now, what I would call a dystopia. There are quite a few reasons why this place is so awful. They are very poor. They have very little money for a place their size. Their yearly income per person in Gaza is $1826. They also have the highest unemployment rate. And their economy has grown only a measly 0. 5% in 2017. They’re in very bad health. There is a monthly average of 4,000 people crossing to Egypt for just health reasons.

There used to be 56 primary health clinics but now there are only 49 primary health clinics because of their previous conflicts with Israel, but their population has doubled. They are very low on food. more than a million people in Gaza are “moderately-to-severely food insecure”. Also, Gaza’s agriculture sector has dropped from 11% to somewhere below 5%. Gaza does not care that much about electricity. Electricity outages are very common in Gaza, which people who live in these parts get around 3 to 6 hours of electricity a day. There is nothing Gaza can do about this, but there is little water in these places. This leads to having a piped waterwork, which would have been a good idea, if the water was not inconsistent and of poor quality. 97% of households use tanker trucks instead. Sewage is everywhere. 78% of households are connected to a public sewage network, but treatment plants are overloaded. Another thing is that 95% of groundwater in Gaza is polluted. This sewage can also at random flow on the streets, which has a good chance of hurting people on the Strip. Gaza’s leader named Hamas, is a really, really, inadequate. He has been leading the Strip for long, seven years and they have been disastrous.

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Since Israel is sending rockets at them, (Israel and Gaza are at sort of a war) Hamas like the bad ruler he is says, “To all of our people who have evacuated their homes—return to them immediately and do not leave the house. ” So he is basically telling people to stand in front of the missles being sent. He has also been sending rockets at Israel for no reason while Gazans are dying rapidly. Now you understand why Gaza is such an awful place and all of the reason why. The reason are low on money, in bad health, have low food, don’t have that much electricity, they have little water, sewage is everywhere, and the leader, Hamas, is an amature.


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