Israeli Palestinian Conflict: the Conflict since the Seventeenth Century

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The conflict between these two places has gone since the seventeenth century, although the conflict has been blamed on the Zionist for taking over the land without the Arabs permission; this is said to be false. The Zionist movement was really took take over the whole entire population on the Arabs land. To have a peace land that is only a Jewish population. Now that the land has been bought by the Jewish people it could never be given back to the Palestine’s. To this day the conflict continues throughout Israel. Obama is actually trying to help make peace with this conflict. Stating that “But that requires fulfilling the 2003 “road map” to a peace deal, including for Israel to stop building settlements in the West Bank” (Rhee 1). Therefore the Palestine’s have an advantage of gaining their land back, by having the connections with the U.S helping.

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This conflict began in 1948, when the Jews declared the independence of the state of Israel. In the beginning to go back even further in the bible the Jews called their land Israel, believing that they were there first. The Palestine’s had a 94% of the population in the 1900’s. Then they had the movement the” Zionist Movement” which encouraged the Jews to move back to what they called their homeland even more. The Arabs knows as the Palestine’s were worried if they did sell their land to the Jews that there population would decrease and they would become a minority. In the History Guy Article it is stated “From that point on, both the Jews and the Palestinians formed militias and other military units to fight each other and to prepare for the day when the British would leave” (Lee 1). This states that the British had the land at first but the Arabs and the Jews were waiting for the day when they leave to take back their land.

When the day came when the British left, the Zionist movement was in effect. The Arabs and the Jews begin to have problems with the land owning. When the Arabs started to want land, the Jews had already had legally 6% of the land already. Stated in this article “there continued to be illegal buying (and selling) within the 65 percent of the total area restricted to Arabs” (Jews for Justice in The Middle East). So basically the land wasn’t really the Jews they were just able to buy the land illegally. Then they had a Partition Plan and 1947 which gave the Jews the right to the land they already bought illegally, “And after Israel announced its statehood, an impressive series of laws legally assimilated huge tracts of Arab land (whose proprietors had become refugees, and were pronounced ‘absentee landlords’ in order to expropriate their lands and prevent their return under any circumstances)” (Jews for Justice in The Middle East). So anything the Jews had been there’s and the Arabs could not come into their land after the Partition.

The Palestine weren’t happy with this partition because it was divided among the Jews and Arabs unfairly. Most of the land was already the Jews so the Arabs really didn’t have anything to live off of. The UN establishes this partition but they didn’t really think it through when they made it. “The action of the United Nations conflicted with the basic principles for which the world organization was established, namely, to uphold the right of all people to self-determination. By denying the Palestine Arabs, who formed the two-thirds majority of the country, the right to decide for themselves, the United Nations had violated its own charter” (Jews for Justice in The Middle East). The Arabs didn’t have no say in what they wanted for part of the land, which is no fair at all seeing that the Jews just came in and took over.

Spain also has a connection with Israel and why they are having conflict with the Palestine’s and Jews. The history behind it is important to. “That democracy has been and still is the key point in Spain’s relationship to Israel explains why democratic Spain is not essentially different from the rest of Europe in what relates to Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even if manifestations of anti-Semitism are present in Spanish public opinion, many of the criticisms of Israel are not about anti-Semitism but of specific Israeli policies” (Columbia University Press). Spain had the strong connections with the British that is why they connect with the Israel and Palestine Conflict.

The Palestine doesn’t have that strong force like the Jews have to help support that there right. They only have the people who are Palestine’s and there’s not that many left over there. “The conflict will never be resolved because of this issue. “So what can be done? It is clear that today Israel does not have a partner on the Palestinian side who wants or can enforce a cease-fire and fight effectively against terrorism” (Kacowicz). The Palestine’s would have an easy fight if they had a supporter to help them. The U.S is currently still trying to help resolve the conflict by “It is also evident that the Israeli army cannot stay forever in the Palestinian territories, against the will of the United States and the international community” (Kacowicz). The Palestine’s were actually poor to. They didn’t have much money to fight back with the Jews. The Jews already owned half of the land illegally. The Palestine’s didn’t have much to fight back with. Most of the Palestine’s were Christian or Muslim for their religion the Jews were Judaism of course. The Jews didn’t get along so well with any Christian or Muslims. So that was also one conflict they couldn’t resolved other than the land arguing. “This discrimination is arguably the largest blockage to peace between the two parties” (Jews for Justice in The Middle East). Making it hard to come to a reasonable solution for the problems they were facing. The Palestine’s religion is what got them through the suffering and hardships caused by the Jews taking their land away, and losing half of their populations to this.

The Palestine’s continue to suffer and go through so much because of this conflict. They are put through things that normal people shouldn’t have to encounter. Another reason the land should be for just the Palestine’s, in the article “Palestinian borders (even internal ones) are controlled by Israeli forces. Periodically men, women, and children are strip searched; people are beaten; women in labor are prevented from reaching hospitals (at times resulting in death); food and medicine are blocked from entering Gaza, producing an escalating humanitarian crisis” (Jews for Justice in The Middle East). Even more so making it hard for the Palestine’s to try to regain what was once there’s. The Israelis or Jews continue to torture the Palestine’s over and over. Keeping them in confident was they are not able to live.

The Gaza War was also part of the reason of the conflict for the Israel and the Palestine’s. It is still going till this day, “As of January 12th more than 900 Palestinians had been killed and more than 4000 injured. At least 250 of the Palestinians killed were children” (za3tar). Till this day thousands of Palestine’s are killed because of it. The current ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Gaza has resulted in the death of more than 400 people and the injury of more than 2000 people in just one week, It has also directly affected the lives of more than 1.4 million people” (za3tar). Gaza is actually a city and a strip “The Gaza strip is a small strip of land along the Mediterranean between Israel and Egypt” (za3tar). It is everything occurred during the war and is still according. Gaza is a part of the land that the Palestine’s were able to get from the Israel’s. Israel controlled everything in Gaza not letting the Palestine’s getting anything from the city. “Food, water, medicine, fuel, and electricity were all controlled by Israel and coming from Israel to Gaza” (za3tar). The Palestine’s view on this Gaza War is there wishing all of the bombing and attacks would stop. Palestine’s think there approach the Israelis took was why too cruel and not fair; killing millions of people every year.

The Gaza War caused even more conflict with the Arabs and Israelis, making it difficult to come to a peace. “The primary cause for the Arab-Israeli conflict lies in the claim of two national movements on the same land, and particularly the Arab refusal to accept Jewish self-determination in a part of that land. Furthermore fundamentalist religious concepts regarding the right of either side to the entire land have played an increasing role, on the Jewish side particularly in the religious settler movement, on the Palestinian side in the Hamas and similar groups” (Ariel). Because of the increase in forcing the Palatines to believe in the Jews religion the conflict raised a lot. The land wasn’t the only thing causing problems for these two groups. The religion, political, economic, and even culture things. The economic part was buying the lad which the Jews kept doing illegally continuing to take the Palatines land.

There Palatines political party is The Palestinian People’s Party (PPP; Hizb al-Sha‘b): supports Oslo, but calls for reconstruction of PLO and dialogue with anti-Oslo groups. PPP Traces history back to 1919 when it was established by the Zionists as a Marxist party” (Yaalon). And the Jews political party is “Israel has the most democratic government in the Middle East” (Isseroff). The two parties coming together created confusing and one interesting thing the Israelis have that they don’t have is “Israel does not have a constitution, but it does have a number of basic laws that govern how the government is structured, rights of individuals and similar matters. Attempts to create a constitution have been blocked by religious parties, that do not want to formalize separation of religion and state” (Isseroff).

The Palatines didn’t live to bad but they didn’t have everything they needed. Living in Gaza was hard “Some 44 percent report a monthly household income of NIS 4,800 ($1,400) or more. Almost half of the total population enjoys a lower middle class or higher standard of living, better than Palestinians in the West Bank and approximately the same as Arab citizens of Israel inside the 1967 lines, but significantly lower than that of the Israeli Jewish population. In comparison to other Palestinians in the West Bank, and certainly in Gaza, the standard of living of Palestinians in east Jerusalem is reasonably good.” (Yaalon). The Isrealis of course had a better style of living being able to take over huge amounts of land and keeping it they actually tried to help improve the Palestine’s living conditions. “large immigration of Arabs from neighboring areas who were drawn by employment opportunities and healthier living conditions” (Katz) The British took part in helping the living conditions of the Palestine’s because they favored them much.

The living conditions and ruling of Israel is better than the Palatines, making them want to be under the Israel rule said here “but when we asked whether they would move in order to become a citizen of Israel if their existing neighborhood came under Palestinian rule, fully 40 percent of the Palestinians in east Jerusalem said they would probably or definitely move in order to live under Israeli rather than Palestinian rule” (Yaalon) Why would they want to be under their enemy taking over all the land. Well simple because they have it all. Which the Palatines had to settle for less and just give in to the Israelis. The Palatines shouldn’t have to do that seeing that they were there first. “young and old, rich and poor, better educated and less educated are not that different. The younger segment of the population is slightly more inclined to say that they would prefer Israeli citizenship, but not by a lot” (Yaalon). You do have the few were they would prefer to be Palatines because there less aggressive than the Israelis there. “Even in Shuafat refugee camp, where attitudes are the least moderate, you do not get a majority saying that they would rather be Palestinian citizens, which is incredible and even counter-intuitive”(Yaalon).

Even though some of the Palatines are okay with their living conditions “In other words, they feel there is official, not social, discrimination against them. Yes, they are reasonably satisfied with a lot of things, but that does not mean that they feel, on the whole, that they are being treated equally” (Yaalon). They are still not being treated right like they are humans. There a lot of things the Palatines can’t have because of the Israelis take over. They are prevented from going places and being able to do anything. “Palestinians in east Jerusalem have a special status and blue identity cards like Israelis, which enable them to travel into the West Bank or into Israel. Unlike West Bank or Gaza Palestinians, they are very mobile and not isolated either from Palestinians or from Israelis. There is a high incidence of travel to west Jerusalem, to other areas of Israel, to the West Bank, and quite a high level of interaction with Jewish citizens of Israel. This is a population which often works in the western side of the city and has often been educated in Israeli institutions” (Yaalon).

Which isn’t fair because they are not able to see the world anymore. Be locked up like prison people and not being able to get the best food or cars or anything luxurable to them. But that’s what the Israelis want because they want control of everything. They take advantage of them because they are weaker than them. The Palatines don’t have a lot of power of anything and their military power is low. The Palatines are losing basically everything to them “People were concerned that if they became a citizen of Palestine, they had significant worries about losing employment in Israel, free movement in Israel, Israeli health care, and reduction in city services. They were also concerned about an increase in corruption and most of all about the possibility of losing access to the Old City and the Al Aksa mosque, which was highest on their list of concerns” (Yaalon).

Today the Palestine people continue to suffer badly, “In all this time then, the Palestinian people have been without any nation, and have had limited rights, while suffering from poverty. Israel continued to increase and expand their settlements into occupied territories, giving up less and less land compared to what was promised. Many Palestinians (that are not Israeli Arabs since 1948) living in Israel do not have the right to vote, or have limited rights, while paying full taxes. For over 3 decades, the Palestinian people have been living under a military occupation” (Shah). This conflict seems to actually be getting worse than getting better. Big issue seems to be coming up and the Isrealis seems to be making life miserable for the Palestine’s but better for them. Till this day things are trying to be resolved but they create even more conflicts. With no cooperation’s from either side the conflict continues to go on. Palestine’s suffering from things the Israelis caused. The Palestine’s deserves to have their nation back and land from them. The Israelis seemed to have just come in and destroyed the Palestine’s life. Becoming bullies in the Palestine own nation.

The Israelis have so much land and property to them. They have money and a power. When it comes to military power and fighting they have it all being able to defeat any Palestine’s that try to take over or rebel. There army is so strong that “The State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14 1948, but the Arab states rejected the partition of Palestine and the existence of Israel. The armies of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt attacked but were defeated by the Israeli army” (Shah). Being able to defeat anyone that comes their way. They have gained so much power that the Palestine’s don’t really have anything to call their own because of the Isrelis. Coming into 2006

“Through the recent years, anger and frustration has mounted as the larger, but poorer Palestinian population also find themselves with the less prestine land. This has been further fuelled by Israeli bull-dozing of many homes and attempts to kill extremist leaders which often end in death or capture of innocent civilians (including women and children). In addition, while Israel demanded that the ineffective Palestinian National Authority do something to crack down on suicide bombers and other terrorist elements within its territories, it continued bombing official buildings and compounds (making any attempts to crack down on such elements futile). This also increased the power, authority, and influence of more extreme groups such as Hamas that did not like the idea of peace with Israel—it wanted the destruction of the Jewish homeland” (Shah)

The Hamas came into the picture as in to help to the Palestine; they didn’t want the Israelis to take over at all. They begin to attack the Israelis being labeled as terrorist now because of how violent they are. “The start of 2006 that saw the more extreme Hamas organization gain power. (This is what some describe as a paradox of democracy; what if a people decide to elect a non-democratic party into power?) Hamas has been listed by many countries as a terrorist organization, though others see it as an independence movement. However, its means are certainly terrorist in nature, often employing suicide attacks on Israeli civilians” (Shah). They begin terrorizing the Iserrleis. Today the Israelis are still in control they control everything that is on the land. Including the water sources located there. Preventing the Palatines from getting any from them. “An additional source of frustration for the Palestinian people is that the land that is being settled by Israelis is usually prime land, and hence the various peace negotiations usually leave Palestine with the less usable land. Israel also thereby controls water sources” (Shah). Will the Conflict ever be resolved or will the Palatines be pushed around and bullied by the Israelis forever. Maybe the conflict will resolves one day but by research seeing that the Palatines are the victims and the situation and not being able to fight for what they want and deserve at all.

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