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Issue and Concern of Single Parenting

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Single parents is a person who live with a child and who do not have a wife or husband. Single parent may have only one custody of the child or joint custodians which the child lives alternatively with each parent. This is so because of divorce, abandonment, death, childbirth by a single woman or male-persons adoptions. Single parents family is a family with child that is brought up by one parent.

Effects on Children

Single parenting is different from dual parenting in many aspects, but the most common difference is the way in which the parent interacts with the child. In households, regarding issues such as holiday and major family expenses may be more likely to be decided with the children. Sociologists have found that children grown up in single-parent families are in disadvantageous position compared to a two-biological-parent family. Most of these problems are directly related to the poor economics condition of families, not just as to parenting style. Studies have also shown that child who live in a bi-parent family where one parent is abusive or has a detrimental level of antisocial behaviour do not do well as children whose parents divorce if the children then lives in a single-parent family with the non-abusive parent, so we can say that upbringing is a major factor to decide the pros and cons of single parenting.

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It should be keep in mind that every single-parent family is different from other. Children who are living with a widowed mother will have a home life that is different from children with divorced parents or those whose parents were never married. Children of divorced parents will have a wide range of relationships with their parents and parents’ partners depending on custody arrangements and the commitment of the non-custodial parent to maintaining a relationship with the child. Despite the fact that children from single-parent families often face a tougher time economically and emotionally than children from two-biological-parent families, children from single-parent families can grow up doing well in school and maintaining healthy behaviours and relationships.

Challenges on Parenting

Being a single parent can be hard and lonely. There is often no other adult with whom to share problems, discipline, and economical responsibilities. The full burden of finding responsible childcare, earning a living, and parenting falls on one individual. However, the lack of a second parent often has a less negative impact on children than family instability, lack of structure, and inconsistent enforcement of parental standards. Behavioural and socialchanges triggered in a child from lack of affection from one parent could be detrimental to the society, he said. Justice Kirubakaran made the observation while hearing a contempt petition filed by Girija Raghavan against the Ministry for Women and Child Development for not obeying the court’s September 16, 2015, order. Commenting on the increasing incidents of child abuse, Justice N Kirubakaran said added that it was time for the Ministry of Women and Child Development to get bifurcated. He asked the assistant solicitor general to get instructions from the Centre on why there cannot be separate ministries for women development and child development.


In 2015, the High Court had suggested castration of those guilty of raping children, in addition to punishment under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, the IPC and the Juvenile Justice Act. Justice Kirubakaran had then also directed the Union government to instruct all state governments to conduct massive awareness programmes on crimes against children that come under the POCSO Act. Referring to a recent case of sexual abuse of a minor girl by several men in the city, which came to light after she shared her ordeal with her sister, the court asked, ‘What kind of parents are they to be unaware of what is happening to their child?’ Kirubakaran justice of India also asked the assistant solicitor general to get instructions from the Union ministry on whether it has issued any guidelines for spending the Nirbhaya fund being allotted to the state governments.


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