Why We Should Pay More Attention to the Issue of Bullying

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Micheal J.Fox once said one’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Although bullying has been widely recognized as one of the most threatening issue on youth development, but one can probably find news or article about bullying easily as they browse through their social media pages. Bully can be described as a form aggressive behavior that usually comes in three forms, physically, verbally, or mentally. Causes of the issue has been discussed over the past few years and controversial topics were brought up, but the problem still persist. So, which party bears the responsibility for a bully? The problem of bullying needs to be addressed in all levels of society, especially the causes and implications.

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The most common factor why youngsters and youthful grown-ups bully is since they lack primary attention from guardians at home and hit out their problems at others for attention. Ada Mary Juliana, Okoli Georgina, Obeten and Aketen(2016) declare that the family is a susceptibility factor for bullying. Major among these can comprise ignored children, children of separate parents or children with guardians under the consistent impact of drug and liquor. Nowadays, parents always work for pursuing prosperity until they think of the workplace as a second home. At the same time, their children is being ignored in the house. Sometimes, parents just being perfunctory by give the children some money or buy something they like. As a saying goes, charity begins at home. Parents should take care of their children who live close to them before helping people who are living further away. Because of children did not get any attention from their parents, they will lash out their anger on others by bullying them. They will think that bullying can make them become more powerful and can get away by doing brutal things such as hurting, kicking to others.

One of the implication that we cannot deny is bullying can lead someone’s academic achievement become worse. Hana Khaled, Eman Saeed, Fatima Mohammad and Raghda Micheal Eliad Aranki(2016) stated that bullying is considered as worldwide critical situation that influence emotional, social, and physical health of school-age children. Studies prove that students who experienced bully are hard to concentrate and pay attention during teaching and learning session because they feel fear and weak. People who have been bullied will felt powerless, impotent, unsafe yet having low dignity and low capability not only in academic but also in curricular activities. At the same time, they might do not like to go to school and cause their school attendances reduce yet affect their performance in examination. Moreover, they will miss some golden opportunity to get involved with their colloquies or join school activities. The victims of bullying will also feel lonely easily and have negative thinking because they will think that nobody want to be friend with them at school. They also tend to discern lower levels of teacher and peer support compared to their nonvictimized classmates. At the same time, they may keep themselves from trusting other people.

Besides, another extreme consequence of bullying for victims is brutality, in the form of murder and commit suicide. People who have sometimes been bullied become so disappointed, afraid, or unhappy that they no see any worthy in themselves and no way out of their agony. There have been innumerable news over the past few years of students end their own lives because they were bullied by someone. Christine Darney, Greg Howcroft and Louise Stroud(2016) state that there are many people thought that childhood bullying was a common part of teenage years but they also found that school is the place where bullying always occur. The result of bullying harming a person in extreme ways for a long time and it is possible for them to commit suicide once their willpower cannot sustain anymore. At the same time, the bullies also ruin their own future once they start to bullying others. Case in point, five university students were accused of the murder of a naval cadet, Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain. Zulfarhan, a third-year student, died innocently on 1June 2017 due to bullying. According to The Star, the forensic found critical injuries, including burns on his body and it is believed to be caused by a steam iron.

In conclusion, issue of bullying is a thorn in everyone’s flesh. Bullying is excessive and aggressive behavioral pattern among us that draw in threatening, embarrassment in public and mocking and that has the possible to be repeated. As a saying goes, action speak louder than word. All levels of society, especially parents need to place more responsibility and play a vital role to stop bullying. Some of the organisations like government need to reinforce the law so that the bullies will feel scared. Since school is the second home for children, school authority also need to be alert of this issue by being more concern to the student that have problem. It is no use crying over spilt milk, so the society must plan to resolve this important issue as soon as possible before it develop further and become uncontrollable.

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